3c. Saturday Programme Mobile App

In order to make communication with you as easy as possible we have set up a mobile app hosted by MySchoolApp.

The advantages for you are:

  • MySchoolApp is available from the App store (Google and Apple store)
  • You can use MySchoolApp for more than one school (if you’re using it for a school already, you can easily add the Saturday Programme as another one)
  • You will get short and comprehensive messages from us ONLY relevant to your students’ programme. This means no more long emails and notifications in which you have to look for the relevant elements. These messages will pop up on your phone the way SMS and other messages do.
  • When using the App you will see all the important dates and upcoming events for you to see when entering the app and you will be able to look up every important information within your message and in the modules. For example in the calendar (showing term dates, concerts, exams etc.), useful links (Fees and Payments, Handbook, Staff…) or documents (schedules, room plans etc).
  •  The App is very easy to use and you will have all the information in one place and won’t have to look through your email to find info about concerts, deadlines, schedule changes etc.

Please find the download and first use instructions below. We plan to move away from email messaging and use the App for all the day to day info. That’s why it is important for everyone to be a user.


Download instructions

If you already use the app please start with number 9a and follow the instructions from there, if you’re a new user go directly from number 9 to number 10.


1. Go to your Appstore

2. Look up the myschoolapp with the logo you can see to the left

3. Download the app (the app is free, so ignore any purchase notifications)

4. After the download open the app

5. In the ‘look up schools’ field please type HMDT Music – Saturday Programme

6. Click register

7. Fill in your email, telephone number and password

8. Go to your email account to verify your account and click the link that has been sent

9. Enter email and password to log into the dashboard (please tick both the Terms and Conditions and the Sentio is allowed to send you information boxes to receive the Saturday Programme notifications. Please note: it is not Sentio that sends you the information it is the Saturday Programme and we manage and choose the information very carefully)

9A. Go to Menu (bottom right on your screen) and click Settings, click Add School, in the look up field search for HMDT Music – Saturday Programme and click register.

10. Go to Menu (bottom right on your screen) and click Settings

11. Click ‘choose notification groups’ and select the groups relevant for you (ICS! Tutors, CYMH Tutors or MT Tutors and/or Exams if your students are taking one that term) in order to receive notification about these groups ONLY. You will be able to select multiple groups.

Please note: the Tutor groups are password protected and you will need to use the Password: SatProg to become a member.

You are able to join as many groups as you want but also to untick the box for the group when it’s not relevant to you any more (e.g. the ABRSM Exam group).

12. In the Menu you can find several modules that contain all the important information about the Programme: The calendar with all the important dates, such as term dates, concert dates and more; News, reminding you about important events coming up or Documents where you can look up all the schedules, room location and more.

13. You’re now ready to use our new app. You will receive notifications about all the elements relevant for YOU in short messages once in a while!