Saturday Programme Round Up

March 2018


CYMH Academy Last Term was a huge success with students learning a whole new range of skills. We were very fortunate to have screen composer Jeremy Birchall deliver a workshop – this term guest artists have included Jason Rowland and Oliver Seymour-Marsh, an actor musician who has made his name playing dead rock stars! As well as playing Mr Blue Suede Shoes, Carl Perkins, as part of the Million Dollar Quartet, he is now an honoury member of Buddy Holly’s family in Texas – an ideal person to take a masterclass on 50s Rock and Roll.

Do you know any students about to enrol to do their GCSE, A-level or EBACC Music. If so, why not get in touch as the Academy is an ideal complement to these studies and completely unique!


Students at I Can Sing! will from this term be able to take part in the Arts Awards – a national accreditation scheme for participation and leadership in the Arts. All students from Minis upwards will be able to take part. There are 5 different levels to the Arts Awards. Currently we are able to offer Discover and Explore which are the introductory levels, and aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2 (although open to everyone up to the age of 25). The top level of award, Gold, has 16 UCAS points attached to it so something worth working towards!

Any students not currently registered to take part need not worry – it is absolutely fine to start at the start of next term, just get in touch!


We are delighted to announce that we have received support from Snape Maltings through the Friday Afternoons Project Fund for our Saturday Programme Spring Project ‘Playing with Styles’.

‘Playing with Styles’ is a multi-strand project involving the CYMH choirs learning songs from the Friday Afternoon song bank and a composition element launched on the Off-Timetable day. I Can Sing! with the help of composer Jenny Gould composed three new pieces in response to lyrics used by Styles for his Friday Afternoons compositions which will then be learnt by the CYMH choirs. CYMH Green Ensembles started their compositions in response to three pieces by Styles; Ferrari Mountain, Ballad of Donk Cat ¬†and Black Neon Sign whilst CYMH Orchestra and Music Treehouse worked with Jason Rowland to start their response to Singh’s Clash and Bang. These two groups will be working together for the rest of the term to finalise their joint piece ready for performance on the 24th March.