ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT! “Witty as well as enlightening” – Preview 6: The STEM Sisters Team!

“I was thrilled to “meet” Hedy Lamarr, the American actress whose scientific work led to wifi, Bluetooth and GPS. Her puppet sings all about it. Why had I not heard of this woman? Because we’re taught/told only about male achievers, I suppose, and that’s the whole point of the enjoyable Jina and the STEM Sisters”.
Musical Theatre Review



Did you know that Jina and the STEM Sisters isn’t just about inspirational women, but created by an entirely female team? This week we hear about what drew Director Clare Whistler to the project, and who else was involved in creating our “enchanting and “inspiring puppetry musical”.



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“This is a production that can be appreciated on several levels and it is most definitely worth seeing with your children.”
London Living Large


Featuring puppeteers Ruth Calkin and Nix Wood, singers: Nadine Benjamin, Eloise Eisenberg, Abigail Kelly, Susan Moore, Jessica Gillingwater and the I Can Sing! Children’s Chorus, with the STEM Sisters band directed by Jenny Gould.
For ALL ages from 8+.
Streaming NOW! until 11 April.