Summer 2020 Holiday Courses

We are delighted to offer the following two online courses over the Summer 2020 break!

Lockdown Cannot Stop Us – Holiday Course
27-30 July 10:00 – 1:00pm
School Years 5 – 10
Cost £100.00

Come and join HMDT Music’s online Summer Course!

Together we will create our own multi-media piece. Just because we’re not in the same room, doesn’t mean we can’t create exciting work!

Working with a range of artists, the devisary course will include:

  • song-writing
  • creating dialogue
  • film-making

Bring your imagination, your voice, any instruments you play and any technical skills you already possess and might want to develop!

The course will use your individual interests and ideas as well as provide a chance to socialise online and have fun creating something together. Be prepared to carry out some afternoon tasks such as learning/recording songs, creating some designs, trying some animation, practising an instrumental accompaniment leading to an end of course Showing.

Please note: we are aware everyone enjoys different elements and has different strengths. If you like some but not all of the areas being covered, do still sign up!

Don’t miss out, click here to sign up by Saturday 18 July!


Music Lessons for you! – Instrumental Lessons

Want to develop musically over the Summer 2020 break? Do you have an instrument gathering dust in a corner you would like to learn? We can get you started online!

Beginner students

We can offer the following instruments to students who have NO experience, but DO have access to an instrument:

*Piano *Guitar *Violin *Cello *Aural/Theory

Already learning?

We can offer lessons to students with experience on, and access to, the following instruments:

*Piano *Flute *Clarinet *Bassoon *Violin *Cello *Trumpet *Trombone *Tenor Horn *Percussion *Guitar *Aural/Theory


Lessons are available in blocks of 5 or 10, at the following rates:

£225.00 for a block of 10x 30 minute lessons

£132.00 for a block of 5x 30 minute lessons

Lessons are available in blocks of 5 or 10, at the following rates:

£285.00 for a block of 10x 30 minute lessons

£162.00 for a block of 5x 30 minute lessons

Sign up now by clicking here!

Support Music Treehouse

Please help support our Music Treehouse project for SEN/D children!



Aviva’s Community Fund has given us the opportunity to fundraise to help ensure this vital life-line of creative music making can continue to help alleviate isolation and offer much needed support to children with a wide spectrum of needs through lockdown, across the summer and beyond.


Any help you can offer is much appreciated.


Commemorating VE Day

To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, our I Can Sing! students have been rehearsing We’ll Meet Again, a show of music from several of our commissions commemorating different aspects of the Second World War.

Here is the Finale – a fantastic medley of war songs arranged by Matthew King, which students have contributed to from lockdown, as part of our new online programme. Although we haven’t yet been able to complete the project in the way we planned, a film version of the whole performance will be available soon.

One Spirit Extended

A new strand of our successful rehabilitation and mentoring project for young offenders will take place in HMYOI Aylesbury thanks to a new grant from the Young Londoners Fund.
Read More about One Spirit.

Shortlisted for the ‘Music & Drama Education Award for Excellence in Musical Theatre’

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the ‘Music & Drama Education Award for Excellence in Musical Theatre’, for our work on Trench Brothers.

More on the project can be found HERE on the website.

Julian Joseph Jazz Academy – Duke Ellington Summer Course

at Mossbourne Academy, E5 8JY

Come and join us for a special four-day course focusing on the masterworks of one of America’s greatest composers – Duke Ellington.

You will develop the following skills:

  • Playing from direct, professional transcriptions taken from the original recordings.
  • Learning the rich history behind each piece of music being played, and the band behind it.
  • Gaining experience playing as part of a large jazz ensemble.
  • Building confidence reading and interpreting big band charts.
  • Socialising and meeting like-minded, driven young jazz musicians.

The four days will culminate with a relaxed performance for all friends and family.


The course will be at Mossbourne Academy, E5 8JY, and is specifically for sax, trumpet, trombone and rhythm section players (approx. grade 5+, no audition required) though places are limited (especially for rhythm section players), so book now to reserve a place and avoid disappointment.

The full four-day course costs £179.00
Payable when you accept the place.

Discounted fees £159.00 available for students who attend the Jazz Blues Course or the Julian Joseph Jazz Academy.



New Saplings Programme at Music Treehouse: Interactive music making

The Music Treehouse programme at HMDT Music’s Saturday Programme, offers younger disabled children access to high quality interactive music making, boosting social skills and confidence, and offering pathways to learning through songs and participatory musical activities. The relationship between singing and speech (in the context of people with special needs) is well researched, and we find there are linguistic breakthroughs among some of the children as they become more familiar and more confident with the songs. We focus on simple tasks, encouraging the young people to join in, and even lead activities, and there are no barriers in terms of ability. For us as a team of skilled musicians we keep musical standards high, even if words and melodies have to be easy enough to encourage participation. But the combination of keyboard, percussion, flute and guitar to accompany the songs, as well as the team’s skills in improvisation, mean that we can change soundworlds in an instant, and maintain focus throughout the sessions.


As the year has progressed we have seen huge changes in the attention levels of some individuals, as they grasp the fact that making music is both fun and empowering, and that they are free to take part at any level. We try to make every moment of a session joyful, and we introduce different elements to increase stimulation, including puppets and movement work. It’s really a whole body, whole mind, whole voice approach. Some children are non-verbal/vocal, but they often have acute understanding, and certainly can participate to the same level as vocal students, even if their participation is expressed in different ways. When percussion is introduced, every child can contribute equally, and the combination of sound and rhythm changes the dynamic of the room, often dramatically, with individuals often becoming confident enough to lead sections.


This year the overarching theme has been the animal world. We have made from scratch songs about hounds, birds, geese, moles, tigers and lions. Puppets help tell the stories of these creatures, and we always bring animals to life through movement work as well as sound. Often, we travel from one animal environment to another with the help of a bus song. And each session begins with a familiar hello song, as well as songs to warm up the body, and get us in the mood to make music. The session ends with a bespoke goodbye song, which is calming and which sends the participants away on a quiet note. Our autistic children respond particularly well to these more calming activities.


Tim Yealland MBE
Music Treehouse Saplings Workshop Leader



National Commemoration Days

Our first National Commemoration Days were launched in 4 schools to 1000 children. Students participated in art workshops, learning First World War songs, meeting an Indian Soldier costumed interpreter and exploring artefacts. The days culminated in moving commemoration services bringing together all the activities from the day including laying poppy wreaths and placing newly made medals onto barbed wire in remembrance alongside army drill and songs.


Berger School

The team were amazing, helping the children explore each activity and the range of sessions gave each child an opportunity to play to their strengths. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves


As always with HMDT Music, it was thoughtful and meaningful and gave us all a lot to think about


The WW1 workshop day was very interesting and the artefacts were really unique. It was a once in a life experience


I really enjoyed the singing workshop because the warm up and songs were fun and catchy


The best day in Year 5!


I was looking forward to it all week but it was even better than I thought it would be!

Trench Brothers at Mayor’s Diwali Festival at Trafalgar Square

On the 28 October 2018 The I Can Sing! Music Theatre Programme Seniors and Richard Sumitro performed excerpts from Trench Brothers to a crowd of thousands (including the Mayor himself), at the Mayor’s Diwali Festival at Trafalgar Square.

Alongside the performance, The Royal British Legion showcased the Indian section of our Trench Brothers Exhibition at the Festival.

We were very honoured to be part of this great event – a fitting end to the Trench Brothers project.

Trench Brothers Performances at Brighton Dome

The Music Teacher

This was a truly incredible and moving performance that serves as a fitting tribute to the soldiers whose stories are too often left out of the narrative of the war.

On the 17 October 2018 HMDT Music’s Trench Brothers was performed to great acclaim, at Brighton Dome to audiences of around 1,500 people. The finale of four year’s work around the country, it brought together songs written with schools in London, Lancashire and the South East in a unique collaboration of musical genres alongside the core music theatre work by composers Julian Joseph and Richard Taylor set to a libretto by our Creative Director Tertia Sefton-Green.

It was performed by children from 7 local schools, Seniors from our own I Can Sing! programme and top artists Cleveland Watkiss, Damian Thantrey and Richard Sumitro accompanied by students from our Julian Joseph Jazz Academy, our CYMH tutors and the Jasdeep Singh Degun Indian Sitar and Tabla duo.


The Music Teacher

Tertia Sefton-Green’s libretto masterfully engages its adult audience while ensuring that the content remains accessible and understandable to the young people taking part. Julian Joseph and Richard Taylor’s music help to elevate the performance into something wonderful to experience – each character’s culture is reflected in their music and it is a joy to hear different genres and influences being woven together to reinforce the narrative’s themes of camaraderie.

London Jazz Review

An affecting music theatre work……. ‘letters home’ …. have all the poignancy, humour, sadness, bitterness and gritty historical detail that you would expect.
HMDT Music have form for taking on projects with big themes.