JJJA Junior Easter Course


Programme dates: Monday 6 April – Thursday 9 April 2020 at Bridge Academy, E2 8BA.


A unique, four-day course designed for students aged 9 – 14, who want to learn jazz – or more about jazz.


Using the methodology developed at the Julian Joseph Jazz Academy, students will be introduced to the rich history and styles of the great jazz masters through the focused study of classic jazz recordings. They will be taught how to access, appreciate and perform this great music through a series of workshops. Among other things they will also have the chance to learn:

  • How to play as a group, whether it be as a horn player or as part of the rhythm section;
  • How to improvise;
  • What swing is and how to cultivate it in your own playing;
  • The history of some classic jazz repertoire;
  • Essential jazz theory;
  • The Blues.


The course culminates in a relaxed and enjoyable performance at the end of the last day, open to all family and friends.


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