Julians Primary School, Lambeth

30 November 2015


My dearest Nell, I hope that you and the children are safe and well.
My dearest Nell, I never thought I’d see the horrors I’ve seen.
The trench is damp and cold,
A maze that never ends.
Mud clings to my skin.
Dirt smells like a sewer.
My only hope and happiness
Are my friends and these letters to you,
I write to you, I write to you, I write to you.
You are always there in my heart.
You are always there in my heart.
I feel a thunderous fear,
Tomorrow I may not be here.
But you and the children are always there in my heart.


Bullets, bullets, bullets like screaming demons
Zoom from vicious barrels.
People fall like dominos.
Hopeless souls float in the air, air.

Hopeless souls float in the air, air.


From your loving husband
Joseph Harnam Singh.

The best part of this activity for me was when we got to act out a drill. – Yusra

The acting was the best thing because it was fun. – Caolan

I learnt the different commands that the soldiers would listen to. – Olivia

I really enjoyed acting out what might happen in the trenches and when the Indian soldiers arrived in France. I also liked coming up with lots of fun song tunes and working together to come up with a great song. – Millie

I loved finding out all the amazing facts about the artefacts. – Lola

I learnt that it is good to work in groups and share ideas. – Sophie

The thing that was the best was that it was like a production. – Alijah

I liked acting what it felt like being in the trenches. The contrast of the music was quite interesting. It felt like being there with all the sound effects and acting. Ben

It was a really fun experience and all the singing was fantastic. Overall it was a really really fun day and a great opportunity. The day was really memorable and at the end we put on a great show! – Harry

I liked how we go to show our parents, and I liked how we got to wear the trench brothers t-shirts. And then we got to take them home! – Yasir

It was quite astonishing to see all the different stages of the puppet and to see it transform! – Noa

I have a child who struggles for ideas in his writing and he was able to write the letter from the Indian soldier as he had lots of ideas after the Costumed Interpreter session. – Ruth, Teacher at Julians Primary School

The puppets were excellent and the day ran very well so that all children achieved. – Ruth, Teacher at Julians Primary School

The Education Zone is very useful. It has helped to plan a rich curriculum. – Ruth, Teacher at Julians Primary School

The children loved the project and have had great learning experiences. – Ruth, Teacher at Julians Primary School


Artefacts 8

Artefacts 2
artefacts 3


Julians cost in 2
Julians Soldier
Julians soldier 4


puppets 2
puppets 3
puppets 6


Warming up
Watching the pigeon
A sad moment
Dead trench brothers