Monteagle School Group 1, Barking and Dagenham

1 December 2015


Dear Ammi,

Muje aapka canna miss carraha
Muje aapka canna miss carraha
I miss your spicy cooking and delicious roti
I miss your spicy cooking and delicious roti
Muje aapka canna miss carraha

My heart is saddened by not seeing your faces.
By not seeing your faces.

I pray I’m going to shoot down planes
And defeat the enemy
In the last dogfight with Jerry, my best friend snuffed it
And my heart welled with sadness.

I’m worried I’m going to get shot down, shot down, shot down
My throat is sore and my heart is pounding, pounding.
I am bleeding inside and my body is numb.

War is dangerous, war is fierce.
It’s a journey, a destination but I am learning so much.
Being in the Squadron is a chance of a lifetime.
War is dangerous, war is fierce.
My promise and hope is to return home safely.

Your son Laddie

Lieutenant Indra Lal Roy

We loved seeing our letters transform into a song and working with a real composer. We learned how to make our song come to life using emotions and feelings. – Class 6A

We liked that we got to do drama activities and got to ask lots of questions. – Class 6H

Making the puppets was completely new for us! We loved adding details and seeing the final result. – Class 6H

We loved singing our song, and hearing the professionals sing, and that the parents came to watch the show. – Class 6H

Children got opportunities to work with a number of professionals in the art world to be a part of something very special. They enjoyed the process of putting the show together. – Staff at Monteagle Primary School

Getting a chance to handle real artefacts was fantastic for the children. One child never speaks about what he has done at home, but his mother said he couldn’t stop talking about how much he has learned and who came in to work with them. – Staff at Monteagle Primary School

Trench Brothers Display



Composing our Letter Song



Making our Force of Trench Brothers Puppets


puppets 2small

Our Performance