Morningside Primary School, Hackney

22 September – 5 December 2016


My dear Parents,

I’m writing to let you know I’m alive.

My plane came dashing down from the blue sky,

My plane came crashing down, came from the blue sky

Swooshed and dived frantic’ly to the ground.


Joyfully I’ve survived, although my nose is twisted out of place

And I was shot twice in the leg

Shot twice in the leg.


The white nurses treat me like an angel from Heaven

I was happy in the air swooping to the defence of Empire.

They called me ‘The Flying Hobgoblin’.


Every night I dream of being shot down.

I dream of twisting quickly towards the ground.

But I don’t see dead bodies any more.


One day I will come home to India.


Your loving son

Hardit Singh Malik

‘The Flying Hobgoblin’!


YunJin - Project Overview

It was important to learn about the real trench brothers!

Kamal - Artefact Handling Workshop

The best thing about this activity was touching the artefacts!

Jayden - Costumed Interpreter

We got to march like a real soldier!

Year 4 Statement - Puppet-making Workshop

We learned] How you create a uniform of a soldier on the puppet. How to use all scraps and not waste materials. How to make our puppets individual but still be historically correct.

Sam Dorney (Teacher) - Performance

Children are more engaged in theatre performances and understand how to be a good audience member. Many are reading with more expression and intonation.

Laura Body (Teacher) - Artefact Handling Workshop

[The most valuable thing has been] the understanding of what life was truly like, children were able to imagine what life was like in the trenches.

Year 4 General Statement - Performance

[The best thing about the day was] seeing the professional actors perform, having children act in the play both speaking and non speaking parts, and performing for our parents.