Reedley Primary School, Burnley

19 April – 14 June


Dearest Mother,

I’m writing to reassure you – I’m doing just fine.
The cuts have healed.


You will be so proud that I’m a pilot:
They call me the ‘Flying Hobgoblin’ because of my helmet.
I’m tired and cold, flying so many missions.
But my brothers,
Oh, my brothers are helping me.


Showers of bullets thunder to the ground.
The cries of the wind give an ear piercing sound.
When I am flying up above, I hear the raging battle below.


The nearby trenches are cold and damp,
I feel for the blighters sleeping there, protecting us.
In the blink of an eye, bullets howl to the ground,
The shrieking iron making it impossible to sleep.


Today Britain and India have stood proud,
Smiling like true men.
Our allies stand there, with overwhelming pride,
Patrolling the skies
To keep the horrid Hun at bay.
Arrow hand forward, dismiss to side


Please don’t worry about me – I’m fine.

Your affectionate son

Hardit Singh Malik

Alisha - Composition Session

The best thing was that we got to make the letter into our own song and had actions to remember the words.

Ali- Hamza - Performance

The best part of the day was the acting, as I had one of the main parts and got to interact with the other actors, which may change my life choices to becoming an actor.

Alisha - Puppet Making

The best thing is when we painted the head and added the eyes and lips because you could make the character come to life.

Shehnaz - Costumed Interpreter

We got to experience what the Indian soldiers had to do before the war. I enjoyed learning things in new languages. I learnt the different commandments the Havildar called out in Hindi and Punjabi.

Hafifa - Artefacts Handling

The best thing about this activity was when we held and wore the artefacts because I felt as if I were in the war.

Alisha - Costumed Interpreter

The best thing was that we learnt how to be a sepoi. We learnt the hard way of being the sepoi and how they lived in the war. I learnt how strict the Indian army had to be with their sepois. I also learnt instructions and drills and how they earnt stripes.

Malikah - Composition

I learnt that music is something everyone can.

Hafifa - Artefact Handling

Getting to hold and wear the artefacts felt as if I were in the war.

Shehnaz - Puppet Making

The best part was when we made the head because it was fun and challenging. I learnt how to make a cap using different techniques.

Colette Hardman - Teacher

This project met all my expectations and more. The experience the children have had is something they may not have again. The quality of the staff from HMDT music and Lancashire County Council has been exceptional. They have been in constant contact and produced a high quality of learning. HMDT Music and artists have been fantastic. they have helped every step of the way.



Inspired by the Trench Brothers project, students from Reedley made this fantastically detailed model of a trench.

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