St. Francis of Assisi Primary School, Skelmersdale

27 April – 12 June


Dear Father,


Things are grim in the trenches and I miss home.


The howling of bullets, the cries of pain; the screams of death:-

This is the war of all wars.


I was manning the guns with my Baluchi comrades

When all of my team were wounded or killed.
I never stopped firing my gun.
Tried to be brave when fighting the Hun.

So many dead bodies – I couldn’t count ‘em.
I pretended to be dead to escape the enemy.


They call me ‘the average Indian boy
Who became a mighty Sepoy’.
The first, whose valour despite pain and loss
Was awarded the Victoria Cross.


Father, I hope I’ve made you proud.


Your son


Khudadad Khan


I loved doing the show because I had the part of the officer. Thank you Trench Brothers

Shannon - Costumed Interpreter

I think the best thing was how he always seemed to stay in character and didn’t ever stop! He made us all laugh at some point and it was also really good when we actually got to learn some of the different phrases.

Lilleigh - Composition

(I learnt) that if we try hard then we will be able to achieve great things

Shannon - Puppet Making

We got to make our puppets in our own way. She told us what we had to do and we did it our own way which makes each of our puppets unique! I also loved what she wrote on our whiteboard! ‘There is no such thing as can’t, TRY!’

Michael - Performance

The best thing about the day was when I heard the professional singers. And when we sung Trench Brothers together. I loved the show keep up the good work 🙂

Keegan - Artefact Handling

I liked when we got to handle the weapons and gas masks and when we got to hold the Victorian cross, there lots of amazing things that they used in WW1

Abigail - Puppet Making

I loved making the head of the puppet because it was the most creative one and Uzma helped me get things right.

Lilia - Costumed Interpreter

The best thing was when he pulled out people for laughing, sniggering or even smiling. The actor was so realistic I actually thought that I was in the real life army. I learned how people were treated in the war, how they got trained, what they were called and even learned some of the Hindu language.

Lilia - Composition

The best thing was when we all sat together and listened to him and made a song. He had a very bubbly personality, and he had a great sense of humour. I learnt how to make music, that the piano is a beautiful musical instrument and that song writing is amazing.

Actors in the final performance pose with veterans that had been invited to see the show.