St. John’s Cliviger C of E Primary School, Burnley

28 April – 13 June


Dear Family,

It’s very cold in France.

I’m so excited to get back home,

I can’t wait to get back home,

And feel the warm sun on my skin.


The cold, muddy, dusty trenches give me pain.

Infested with rats, I’m covered in chats.

Lemon bombs have been raining down.


Dear Family,

It’s very cold in France.

I’m so excited to get back home,

I can’t wait to get back home,

And feel the warm sun on my skin.


I’m feeling funky because my best friend buzzed.

But I have to stay brave –

I am a soldier of the British Army.


I can’t wait until I’m with you again

I miss you every day.

I will stay brave and strong

And I will come home.



George Blackman

Chris Allton - Teacher

The children really got a sense of what it must have been like for new recruits. This developed their descriptive writing immensely. Very impressed.

Zara - Performance

We got to sing with professional singers. I had a very good time and I would like to do it again.

Erin - Puppet Making

Everyone mostly enjoy themselves and everyone got involeved. They also got to share all their ideas

Molly - Costumed Interpreter

[I learnt] what it was like to be in the war and that the leader wasn’t allowed to wear dirty underpants!

Harvey P - Composition

I think that the best thing during this lesson was when we write our own letter then formed it in to a magnificent sound and it also made us think.

Jane - Artefact Handling

I liked it all because I learnt lots of facts and even got to try on some clothes from the First World War. I enjoyed trying on the putties even though they were slightly big . It was hilarious when I tried on some of the glasses they used to wear!

Chris Allton - Teacher

Could not believe the amount of time and resources provided to the school and the final product at the end. The children are fascinated with WW1 now and keen to learn more but also developed a greater understanding and respect. Excellent and highly recommended to any school. The project will give high quality education and more to the children and school as a whole.

Annabelle - Performance

I thought doing the show/performance was the best part. I loved doing mostly everything if it was up to me I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Lucy - Puppet Making

I learnt that you can create anything with a little imagination and some materials.

Erin - Costumed Interpreter

It felt so realistic and it made me feel like I was there and although I knew it was an actor I still enjoyed it.

Simone - Composition

Some of us got to try and play the piano which was fun. Making our own music masterpiece was exciting.

Jessica - Artefact Handling

The best things were trying on the uniforms, when I tried on the glasses and hurting my foot when I tried to kick the really heavy football!