St. Philip’s Primary School, Nelson

20 April – 15 June


Dear Edna,


I miss you so much, I hate to see you ache with tears.


These comrades of mine are first class thieves.

They would rob your last farthing.

But they’re like brothers to me.

I have never known anyone like them.

We look out for each other.


I can see bombs raining down like snow,

And hundreds of bodies scattered around.

How many bombs and bullets will it take to beat the other side?


I was promoted to Lance Corporal, and looking forward to working with my fellow brothers.

But they didn’t trust or respect me, because of the colour of my skin.

Surely, we all have the same goal?

We need to work as one.


I have already lost my brother Roy.

Words can’t begin to describe how I feel.

My heart aches, I can’t imagine life without my brother Roy.


Dear Edna, you are my shield to protect me.

Your caring words comfort me.


Your loving fiancée


Norman Manley

Jennifer Barnes - Teacher

It was even better than I had imagined. Excellent staffing / great support available from the team. Pleasure to work alongside the team. Fabulous for their confidence! Great also for their writing – we loved the cross-curricular work (diaries / letters). Can’t praise the project enough. Would love to be involved again in the project. Loved the experience from start to finish – the children and I have loved it.

Hadija - Composition

I got to express my voice. The song written was by our school. I was excited to sing the song we had made. I learnt to project my voice. I was able to come up with ideas for the composition.

Dawood - Performance

The best thing was using my puppet and my Auntie was able to watch the performance.

Aminat - Costumed Interpreter

We found out what life was like for soldiers who were at war. I enjoyed being a soldier and doing the marching. I discovered what life was like for soldiers who were away from families.

Jennifer Barnes - Teacher

Providing the children with great range of material to look at (which may normally be behind a glass cabinet in a museum). All were able to discuss the artefacts in a more in-depth way.

Hadija - Artefact Handling

I liked seeing the artefacts from the war (like the weapons and peep holes). The man gave us lots of new information.