St. Wulstan’s & St. Edmund’s Primary School, Fleetwood

24 April – 21 June


Dear Aunt, dear Aunt,


I’m writing from the cold, soggy trenches

Where I’m constantly in danger,

But strangely feel protected.


In the silence of the night it is scary;

Foul smelling smoke blowing throughout the frosty winter night.

Rats bite!

As we slumber in our ghastly cubby holes.


Dear Aunt, dear Aunt,


I miss you terribly

And I wish I was at home in the sun,

Playing beach ball

Or eating Jerk chicken.

Playing beach ball

Or eating Jerk chicken.


I miss you, terribly.

But I know I’m earning fam’ly money.


My job is to carry toffee apples and bullets to the soldiers;

I’d rather fight than deliver ammunition.

But us black men, us can’t have guns, which doesn’t seem fair!


On the journey here, we were consumed by a huge blizzard

And most of us were wearing shorts and caught frostbite.

Legs turning black, needing to be amputated.

It was terrible!


Ev’ry day I wake up, and wonder is this my last?


Love from

Eugent Clarke

Stan - Puppet Making

the best thing about this activity was when we made the puppets and played with them. i learnt that i need to take my time when im doing something so i can do it right.

Sadie - Costumed Interpreter

We got to see what life for the solders were like and I think it was a little scary and bossy for them. [I learnt] that life as a solider was very difficult and that they were treated with no respect what so ever; especially for doing the most simplest of things like gnawing, coughing and slouching. They missed their family.

Simon Clough - Teacher

Brilliant singers, organizers and directors. They loved seeing all stage and realistic props as well as costumed soldiers again. Luca is normally shy but got a main part and performed brilliantly.

Ruby R - Composition

The best thing about it was that he described all of the notes and he would play it three time after we finished that section so we could remember and understand the tune. Over all this was my favorite part of working with the Trench Brothers.

Evie - Composition

[It was] creative, pleasurable and heart pounding.

Ruby - Artefact Handling

I liked to see the weapons and things like the glasses and masks also I liked that each table was set out with different topics like the clothes on one table and the food on another

Arabella - Performance

The best thing was to be able to put all our hard work into this play. I also like the fact that I was acting and having a director.

Simon Clough - Teacher

Over and above my expectations. They’ve learnt so much about WW1 and the ethnic minority soldiers who we probably wouldnt have focused on before. I’ve learn lots of new facts and was naive about the impact Commonwealth soldiers had during WW1. Thank you once again “

Jayden - Puppet Making

The best thing was all of it because expands our minds into doing new stuff we have never done before.

Jorja - Costumed Interpreter

[The best thing was] how he acted so realistic and it was so unique and it was exciting. Also all the activities we did were really fun. We learnt that the soldiers from WW1 were really strict and were very hard on the soldiers. Also Thank you !!! for teaching us all of this.

Millie - Costumed Interpreter

I think that the best part was where we got to find out things that we didn’t know and where we got to touch things and look at things that we didn’t really know before like the leg bandages called putty and we had a challenge to try and put them on.