Torriano Junior School, Camden

1 July 2015



Dearest Mother,

These past few days have changed how I feel about the war.

All I hear, day and night, are sounds of bombs, shells and guns,

But worst of all – the screams of death will haunt me forever.

A few days ago, we went over the top to attack.

I was deafened by the sound of gunfire, gunfire, gunfire!

There I was

My life hanging on a thread.

My heart was racing.

I could barely see, barely see.

My heart was pounding.

My heart was thumping.

I peered into the murky distance:

Lying on the cold hard ground, was a soldier still alive!

I could not leave him there, all injured and alone.

I rested by his side, though they might hear him groan.

Groaning, groaning, groaning, groaning, groan…….

He was my brother, my fellow comrade.

I stayed with him all night hoping help would come.

As a new day dawned

I heaved him to a shell crater and returned to fight.

Instead I found two more injured men soldiers.

Now I knew what I had to do.

Without hesitation, I carried them with me,

Desp’rate, desp’rate to somehow reach safety.

Dearest Mother

Do you know what the Germans, our enemy did?

Instead of trying to shoot us, they applauded me on my way.

I knew I would never forget that moment.

Tell me all your news. Please write soon.

All my love,

Your son

Kulbir Thapa

After the artefacts workshop, I had a very clear impression of what WW1 was like. – Ines

I had a very good understanding of ethnic minority soldiers after the lesson, and I enjoyed learning how to salute! – Lea

I liked dressing up in the war clothes to see how it feels. – Caden

I loved the way we composed our own song. – Ines

He helped me understand what it was like to be a soldier. – Tuncay

It felt like we were in the trenches and we found out how hard it was. – Finn

The puppets were fun to make and I really enjoyed the day. – Shelby

An experience I will never forget. – Bella

We got to use acting to express ourselves. – Olive

Our Artefacts Session

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Our Visit from the Costumed Interpreter

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Making our Trench Brothers Puppets

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