Willow Lane Primary School, Lancaster

2 May – 23 June


Dear Mother and Father,


This is the last time you will hear from me.

The last of my voice, my writing, my life and soul.


I hear gunfire ringing in my ears

Huge shells make deafening noises…

I bite my lip until I draw dark red blood

The whistle blows, opening a gateway to death.


My friend was shot. He screamed in horror. His eyes shut.

We tried to wake him but we couldn’t.

That night, my eyes melted with tears and I felt like I drowned.


I am troubled in my head and cannot stand the sound of those blasted guns.

They rattle all around in my head until I am nothing but war and ghosts.

But no one will help me for it.

I am lost.

There’s an ocean in my head.

My mind’s a broken nightmare.

I am lost.


Without thought I did something stupid. Very stupid.

I didn’t want to run away. But I had to.

I just couldn’t live like this.

I knew the consequences but I broke the rules.


I am sat in my dark and gloomy cell.

I am to be shot at dawn.


When you read this, I’ll be watching over you.


Herbert Morris

Claire Clarke - Teacher

I cannot fault the team effort on the day. The creative team did a fantastic job sorting the children out. They were a slick, well rehearsed crew who knew how to get the very best out of our children. The children worked hard, listened hard and loved taking part in the show. Please come back and do another one.

Caitlyn - Composition

[The best thing was] that you got to make your own songs and you got all your ideas listened to. [I learnt] how to sing properly and how to actully compose a song and know what its like to compose a song.

Daisy - Costumed Interpreter

Well for one, I learnt that life being a soldier is hard and the drills are very tricky. Secondly I learnt that soldiers are not allowed to pack much when they go to the trenches.

Marcus - Puppet Making

I liked how it evolved from the beginning to how it was in the end – seeing our puppets grow

Claire Clarke - Teacher

Thank you to everyone at HMDT and LCC for their efforts and organisation. We have had a great term learning about WW1 and Trench Brothers. I cannot believe the experiences both children and adults have enjoyed for such a bargain price. We would love to do similar projects in the future. Thank you once again and congratulations on a job well done.

Pawel - Puppet Making

I learnt not to give up and always believe in yourself that you can do great things in life

Tori - Performance

We loved the performance and it felt good to perform for other people. And we loved the t-shirts. We learnt that we could perform in front of lots of people. If you do this prodject then you will have great fun

Caitlyn - Costumed Interpreter

Fun, amazing, flabbergasting (which means the best!) There was nothing bad about this activity. It was just fantasic and we loved it. Thank you for coming!

Callum - Composition

[I learnt] how to compose music (I now want to be a professional singer when I’m older!)

Libby - Artefact Handling

I loved seeing the shot gun it was legendary! and I learned that we shouldn’t laugh about the war because it is sad what happened to the soldiers.