HMDT believes that everyone should be able to both experience great art and help form it, and aims to prove that great art, that inspires and resonates with many people can be created through the unique dynamic between outstanding professional artists and the community. HMDT commissions and creates new works of the highest possible quality using this model of artistic fellowship, and is a pioneer in defining new music genres such as jazz opera that engage and challenge new audiences whilst giving artists opportunities to take creative risks.

Each new commission is underpinned by training opportunities for artists and an education programme that enriches participant experience, increases their skills, raises aspirations and has a transformative effect on other areas of learning. Core to HMDT’s work is the long term commitment to offering all age groups, particularly those with the least engagement, sustained music training programmes, which enable them to participate in the new commissions ensuring there are no barriers to participation.



For HMDT’s work and methodology to be in national demand, and to be able to respond to that demand so that a greater number of people in different localities can experience and help create excellent art.



Artistic Excellence

HMDT believes everyone should have access to the very best that the performing arts have to offer, and aims to contribute to this through education projects and performing arts productions of the highest quality which explore a variety of musical styles and genres.



HMDT values projects which respond to the needs of individuals and communities by linking people and art forms in imaginative ways which are both challenging and complementary to conventional ideas of arts education.



HMDT believes in fostering a strong sense of community through music education by creating projects, which raise community aspirations and expectations, and enrich other areas of learning.



HMDT believes that artistic excellence arises from the passion of all participants, artists and staff involved in a project, and that the performing arts are powerful agents for sharing and bringing to light untold stories, cultures and historic events. HMDT strives to be courageous in its approach to subject matter, and to build awareness and celebrate the voices and dignity of those who would otherwise not be heard.



HMDT values the diversity of the people and communities with whom it works, and is committed to creating music projects that explore a variety of music styles and genres.