CYMH Academy

CYMH Academy – New for Autumn 2017!


CYMH Academy offers an amazing opportunity for students taking or thinking of taking GCSE / A-Level / IB Music at Standard or Higher level, to enhance and support their learning through a series of specialist guest masterclasses, orchestra and in-depth workshops across a variety of genres.


Over the course of a term, students will engage with a selection of core repertoire pieces from a specific genre. This investigation will shape their understanding of that genre, and how it fits in with their wider musical studies. These studying sessions will include performance, composition, conducting, analysis and, of course, history of music to provide the context. Further supporting the terms’ theme, will be a series of specialist guest masterclasses.

Proposed Guest Artists include:
  • Natalie Clein (Cellist)
  • Jacquelyn Hynes (Irish Folk Cultural Centre)
  • Paul Griffiths (Composer and leader)
  • Katie Thomas (Conductor and Singer)


How will a day look?

The Academy will run from 12.30 – 3.30 every Saturday during term time, with any additional classes / sessions taking place outside these hours (e.g. Individual Instrumental / Vocal lessons, Chamber Choir).

12.30 – 13.30 Session 1.
13.30 – 14.30 Orchestra
14.30 – 15.30 Session 2.


What elements will be covered over the course of a term?

Composition Students will investigate a series of techniques specific to the genre that they are studying, to understand the repertoire that they are studying. They will then create their own response using the tools given.

Analysis The core of music – in order to understand the music, you need to decompose the music! Students will have fun pulling the music to shreds and will look at different methods of analysis including Schenkerian analysis!

Conducting It is one thing to follow, quite another to lead. This part of the course will help develop your musicianship further through conducting workshops where you will learn the intricacies of directing small and large ensembles.

History of Music We believe that it is important for students to understand the foundations of music and the forces that have shaped musical style and taste across the centuries – this means that you will be investigating the context in which composers and bands were working. Whether it is Germany in the 16th Century, Britain at the time of the Second World War or America in the 1970s, each era and location played a part in how different genres developed.

Performance Technique Students will not just learn how to perform, but the historically accurate ways of informing their performances.

Masterclasses Specialist Guest Artists will visit throughout the term to support the Academy’s curriculum. This will provide a chance for students to learn and work with leaders in their field, as well as an understanding of where their own musical knowledge might lead them.


Do I have to audition?
For the autumn 2017 intake there will be no audition – you will simply need to provide a letter of reference from your teacher, or your most recent grade certificate (post grade 5).

I am struggling with a piece of coursework – can I bring it along?
The sessions aren’t designed to work at your coursework, however, if you have some specific questions, our tutors would be glad to help.