Handbook 13: Health and Safety

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In order to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone at the Saturday Programmes, the

following points should be noted:

  • Parents/carers of Red Programme, Fledglings Foundation Course and Minis students are expected to be present during break times to supervise their children;
  • Anyone under sixteen using the Saturday Programme facilities whilst waiting for students
  • MUST be accompanied by an adult;
  • Parents/carers using the Saturday Programme facilities whist waiting for pupils MUST take responsibility for supervising any other children in their care (including students’ siblings who have different timetables) and NOT allow them to wander around the building or behave in a disruptive or inappropriate manner;
  • All those waiting for students at the Saturday Programme should remain in the Refectory or in the playground;
  •  HMDT operates a Child Protection Policy in connection with all of its activities, and a specific policy for the Saturday Programme. A copy of this policy is available from the HMDT Music website;
  •  Although, at present, there are no special access arrangements for the disabled, it is hoped that no-one wishing to attend the Centre will be prevented from doing so for this reason.
  • Please contact HMDT Music (020 8882 8825) to discuss your particular needs.


On-site first aiders are:


Sabina Noble

Maja Wolniak

Alex French


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