Clare Whistler, Director   Sophia Lovell Smith, Designer

JINA and the STEM Sisters, is a one hour multi-media show, telling the story of key STEM women who empower a lost child and would-be-scientist Jina, with the gifts of curiosity, courage, creativity, persistence and open-mindedness; key scientific attributes, through sharing their own life-experiences. The gifts help Jina find her way through the forest and become the best scientist she can be and their scientific techniques are showcased through various multi-media and puppetry techniques. The show uses much humour and varied theatrical techniques to engage children and enhance the storytelling, supported by a lyrical and accessible musical score.


Features include:

  • Stellar quartet of shadow puppet astronomers Hypatia, Caroline Herschel, Mae Jemison, Wang Zhenyi;
  • The search for Nelloptodes gretae (Greta Thunberg’s beetle) with entomologist Maria Sybilla Merian;
  • Mathematician and computer scientist Ada Lovelace’s introduction to coding and algorithms through rap;
  • Marie Curie’s atom patter song;
  • Film star Hedy Lamarr, inventor of the origins of Bluetooth and GPS.


For Spring 2021, the show is being presented as a digital performance.

Watch this space for information about national tour dates.




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