Gayhurst Community School, Hackney

25 November 2015


My darling wife,
I wish I could be with you right now,
But I am fighting for my country.
I feel a deep sorrow:
Men I led across the River Tigris have unfortunately been killed.
You have no idea how distraught I am
That I put my troop’s lives at risk;
I’d do anything to bring them back.
I’d do anything to bring them back.
Turkish forces starting firing
We were targeted by bullets, bullets, bullets.
Many drowned from being struck.
And we lost five men.
But I managed to hold my position
Until a bridge could be built.
Be built.
I was overwhelmed with fear, then I remembered you.
You got me through this darkest of times.
I want to see your beautiful face.
Loving you eternally,
Sher Afzal Khan

We think that going around the tables and looking at interesting objects was fascinating. We also think that learning about World War One was exciting. – Charlie

We learnt lots from World War 1 like we got to know what kind of jobs they had. It was very interesting! – Zara

We learnt a lot from it – we look at WW1 in a different way. We got to handle things actual soldiers used. – Isabel

We liked how a soldier came into our class and explained what being in the war was like. He was very informative and his acting was amazing! – Tom