Trench Brothers

Trench Brothers is an imaginative and inspiring project taking the incredible story of our Great War ethnic minority soldiers to London’s schools.  It is a wonderful synthesis of music, theatre and puppetry engaging young people and challenging them to think about the events of a century ago. 

Dr Andrew Murrison MP (Government Special Representative for First World War commemorations)


Trench Brothers brings the First World War to life for students through the experiences and personal stories of Indian Army, British West Indies Regiment and black British Soldiers. It commemorates their contributions using puppetry, music, artefacts and cross-curricular learning and culminates in performances of a new music theatre work by composers Julian Joseph and Richard Taylor and librettist Tertia Sefton-Green, enabling students to develop a creative, artistic response to the stories and immortalise the deeds of these forgotten soldiers.


In doing so, Trench Brothers can help your school promote British Values and support students with their SMSC development. Students will better understand their heritage, appreciate diversity and the contributions different groups make, and understand what it means to collaborate with those from different cultural traditions to bring about change. The students who have taken part so far have reflected profoundly on their experience of the project:

I now respect the soldiers who risked their lives to save our country‘, Tyler, Thomas Fairchild Community School

I learnt that teamwork can get you wherever you want‘, Gorkem, Berger Primary School



I learned so much about World War 1 that I never knew happened. Normally finding information about the past would be boring, but I was definitely wrong. I am hungry for more, and I love learning from the past now.

Zoe, Stamford Hill School







For more information or if you are interested in participating in Trench Brothers, please fill in an application form (accessed above), email or call 020 8882 8825