The Saturday Programme

The Saturday Programme

HMDT Music’s Saturday Programme serves over 350 students aged 6 months – 25 years on 30 Saturdays during each academic year. Started in 1995, it remains a vibrant and unique Saturday offering, providing a spectrum of individual projects involving guest visits and work with leading artists, alongside the continually expanding regular classes and programmes designed to enrich the lives of young people through music making. A source of local community pride, the programme also attracts students from across London and beyond.


A first musical adventure

Designed for under 4s and their family. Each week sees a guest artist performing for your enjoyment, introducing children to a variety of musical genres and cultures in a fun and interactive way.

An introduction to music

A Foundation programme for Reception class children, building their confidence in singing and movement leading to end of term performances.

Don’t just dream about the stage...

Students ages 4-16 have the opportunity to experience the excitement of musical theatre training and performance, while building confidence, teamwork and presentation skills.

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A first musical adventure


An introduction to music


Don’t just dream about the stage . . .

Making music together

HMDT’s Instrumental Music School which offers students ages 5 upwards, an extensive curriculum including group and individual instrumental tuition, singing, musicianship and ensembles, as well as the Orchestra and Choirs of CYMH.

It's not just playing jazz, it's living jazz!

Offering talented young instrumentalists and vocalists an amazing opportunity to work with some of the world’s top jazz musicians to develop their creative talents and performance skills, through exploring the American roots of Jazz.

Creative music making

Young people aged 2-21 with SEN/D develop their creative musical expression, communication and social skills working with a team of experienced musicians, music therapist and renowned workshop leaders Paul Griffiths and Tim Yealland.

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It’s not just playing jazz, it’s living jazz!


Creative music making

The Saturday Programme staff are all experienced music educators and professional artists who foster a keen appreciation and understanding of different types of music in a fun environment, building confidence and encouraging success through a “wholistic” learning approach of group learning and individual achievement. This, combined with a broad range of performing experiences within the Programme and at concert halls and theatres, nurtures the Programme’s buzzing community spirit, making it an exciting place for students and parents to pursue their music studies.


Students follow a guided progression route beginning with Early Years programmes – The Music Box and The Fledglings, before choosing to focus upon music theatre (I Can Sing!) or instrumental training (CYMH).


I Can Sing! students may also choose to take instrumental lessons in addition to their normal schedule, and CYMH students follow a structured progression from group lessons to one-to-one lessons, always focussing on music making with others in a variety of ensembles, orchestra and choir classes, whilst our SEN/D programme, Music Treehouse, offers creative composition.


More advanced students will take part in the CYMH Academy, the Jazz Blues, or the prestigious Julian Joseph Jazz Academy, all of which are designed for students to get the most out of their musicianship and themselves.


The Saturday Programme creates well rounded musicians and human beings, many of whom have gone on to perform in the West End, study at music colleges, build careers in music and the arts, and even become music teachers themselves.


Applications are taken all year round and our Financial Aid Programme is available for those who need it. All programmes within the Saturday Programme take place at Bridge Academy in Hackney.

Contact us on 020 8882 8825 with any questions which we’ll be happy to answer.