Thomas Fairchild Community School Year 5, Hackney

29 June 2015


Dearest Mata,

I’m sorry for not writing for a long time.

How are you? I really miss the Punjab.

I miss the warm breeze, the bright, welcoming sun.

Here in France it’s freezing cold and wet.

The trenches are damp, soggy,

Mouldy and filthy,

Muddy like a pig’s home.


It smells like rotten vegetables,

When we march into the trenches

It is disgusting!

There are dead bodies

And a sea of blood on the floor.


Last week there was a major battle!

There was heavy bombing.

Heavy bombing, loud noises like a heard of

Elephants! (echo)

Shelling and machine guns caused

So much damage, so much damage,

So much damage!

Everyone was getting wounded,

Sharp pieces of shelling went deeply in my back.

I wish this war would end soon,

I wish I could be with you.

All I want is to make you proud,

I will be coming back I promise.

Tell everyone I love them.


The historical context section of the Education Zone was easy to follow, purposeful, with a good range and good links. – Year 5 Staff at Thomas Fairchild Community School

Freya made the performance session really fun and was amazing with the children, the actors were great. Learning the songs beforehand was really enjoyable and children loved doing the show.Wwe had positive feedback from parents and the rest of the school. All of the children took great pride in their performance. – Year 5 Staff at Thomas Fairchild Community School

Children took great pride in making their puppets. – Year 5 Staff at Thomas Fairchild Community School

The project has helped us with understanding of using different elements of expression – art, drama – linking them all into one project. – Year 5 Staff at Thomas Fairchild Community School

We learned that many people from around the world sacrificed their lives for us. – Jessica and Cheznay

The best thing about the composition activity was that everyone took part as a team. I learnt that you have to be confident in yourself and believe in yourself because we all have a different style. – Brandon, Rahman and Sureiya

The best thing about the composition was that we got to combine all of our ideas and diaries together to create one song. It was fun seeing some of our sentences from our diaries come to alive into a song that was created by us. – Hena, Genc and Helin

I had fun and now I know a lot more about World War One. – Sarah

I liked making the puppets because it was much different than what we usually do at school. We got to bring all of the World War 1 characters we looked at alive by making them. – Hena and Helin

I learned how shellshock can affect a persons life… and that soldiers risked their lives for yours. – Christal, Sagoe and Stephanie

I learned that I should never enter war. – Christal