STEM Sisters has inspired us to never give up on something if you believe it will work. Year 5 students

The children were inspired to be determined to follow the field they wish to have a career in and to be  passionate about the things they want to find out about.

Blackwood Primary School, Sutton Coldfield


STEM Sisters celebrates the achievements, discoveries and stories of diverse historical female mathematicians and scientists using the arts to inspire primary school audiences, especially girls, with the stories of women who fought against the odds to pursue their flair for scientific enquiry, but whose pioneering work was so often unrecognised.

The importance of science has never been so apparent and relevant, but for children there are no links from the current situation, to that journey of scientific discovery. STEM Sisters addresses this with an innovative and relevant multi- faceted project.

It aims to inspire and excite interest in STEM which is still under-represented by women and diversity, and show how innovative, creative learning can transform lives.

STEM Sisters will illustrate historical STEM women’s achievements and life-stories through music, theatre and puppetry, to teach the KS2 curriculum. It includes the following:

The STEM Sisters Gallery: a new website taking you into the lives of key women featured during the project


The Education Zone: a range of free online teaching plans and resources using the women’s discoveries and lives as innovative ways of teaching KS2 science, maths and the arts


Science Demonstrations and Workshops: a crystallography demonstration featuring Rosalind Franklin and Dorothy Hodgkin and a costumer interpreter workshop drawing children into Mary Anning’s world of fossils presented in schools


Jina and the STEM Sisters: a new multi-media performance piece about key women, initially shown as a film and expected to tour theatres as a live production from summer 2021




STEM Sisters has deepened our knowledge of lesser-known women in STEM and the children involved (especially the girls) enjoyed learning about these incredible women. It is great to hear them talking about the achievements of these women and how they identify with or look up to some of them now.

Teacher, Berger Primary, Hackney


The website is very detailed and allowed children to thoroughly understand the backgrounds of these inspiring women.

Teacher, Harpfield Academy, Stoke on Trent


It really sparked the children’s interest.

Teacher, Three Peaks Academy, Tamworth


The girls in particular were definitely inspired.

Teacher, Sebright Primary, Hackney

I love that the children have a greater understanding of the impact women have had in this field in the past, despite being overlooked.

Teacher, St Wilfrid’s Longbridge, Preston


It will encourage my class children (especially girls) to venture into science. The children will go away and research some of these women in their own time. They themselves want to be important people and it has helped set their aspirations high.

Teacher, Kingsmead Primary, Hackney

It made me more confident in my dream to become an astronaut and that nobody can tell me I can’t because I’m a lady.

Year 5 Student

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