Explore the world of fossils
with Mary Anning

In this interactive workshop, children will meet palaeontologist Mary Anning who will tell her story of discovering fossils in Lyme Regis, sharing her toughest challenges and greatest achievements.
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X-raying materials – three pioneers of Crystallography, and three scientific missions

This workshop embeds stories of scientific discoveries by Rosalind Franklin, Kathleen Lonsdale and Dorothy Hodgkin into a fun, engaging performance.
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Teacher, Lytham Hall Park Primary, Lytham St Anne's

My class really enjoyed both workshops. They retained an awful lot of information and were really interested to find out more. The Mary Anning workshop encouraged them to ask lots of scientific questions about how fossils were made and a few of them have gone on to (independently) do some further research. They have a new awareness of women, and how they were treated historically in science. They really enjoyed Mary Anning being ‘in character’ too.

Teacher, Berger Primary, Hackney

The children loved learning about the STEM sisters and enjoyed experiencing the experiments in the x-raying materials session. They also loved how there were riddles involved in the workshop.



The children really enjoyed the character being brought to life through drama.

Teacher, Castle Batch Primary, Weston-Super-Mare


The children loved the fact that they were able to interact in this session and were thoroughly engaged especially when they found out that she was a real scientist. They enjoyed the practical experiments and were keen to ask questions in order to challenge their learning and understanding.

Teacher, Blackwood Primary, Walsall


The children have developed a further interest in science and were amazed to find out about crystallography.

Teacher, Gayhurst Primary, Hackney


Children were enthused to research more about how light travels and this fed well into our Science unit of Light…
They enjoyed learning the importance of how her [Mary Anning] life changed over the years, the message about resilience and keeping going with your dreams, even though she had obstacles and had to fight for equality. The various activities allowed the children to be hands on and engaged, rather than being talked at.

Teacher, St Augustine RC Primary, Preston

The workshop was a phenomenal experience and was really engaging.

Year 6 student


We squirted water to paper to see the different water patterns

Year 5 student


I liked when we shined the laser through the different shade of fabric as a prediction of what DNA cells look like.

Year 6 student


The children were interested to hear about Mary Anning and the dinosaur content was engaging and enjoyable. It has been valuable to discuss what STEM subjects are and why women even now are less likely to study them to a higher level. It has opened up that conversation in the classroom which is really beneficial!

Teacher, Berger Primary, Hackney


Children really enjoyed the practical activity making the fossils using salt dough.

Teacher, Copley Primary, Halifax

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