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Each Hear Our Voice Pack includes:

A full colour 36 page Teachers’ Pack – Teaching the Holocaust Through the Arts, divided into art, literature and music lesson plans and activities including a comprehensive reading list and CD for classroom use, illustrated with examples from the Hear Our Voice project and archival photos.

A deluxe heavy card folder featuring a full colour photographic overview of the Hear Our Voice project;

A two disc DVD set of the premiere performance and a documentary about the making of the Hear Our Voice project;

A full colour 68 page performance programme featuring articles by the artistic team, and the full libretto of Hear Our Voice, in three languages (English, German and Czech).


Hear Our Voice courtesy of Hinrichsen Edition, Peters Edition Ltd, London












Hear Our Voice: Teaching the Holocaust Through the Arts examines the subject through the eyes of the children who experienced it, offering today’s young people a chance to empathise with the emotions of those who suffered and understand these historical events from a personal point of view.

As a great tragedy of human conflict and a demonstration of prejudice and persecution unequalled in modern times, The Holocaust remains one of the most important historical lessons young people can study.

This excellent resource enables teachers to introduce and develop students’ understanding and awareness of the Holocaust from the unique perspective of young people’s experiences, encouraging them to empathise and respond accordingly.

Through the Hear Our Voice Pack, you will follow the experiences shared by over 500 young people from three countries during the project’s development and its culmination in 2006. It includes a Teachers’ Pack of resources and activities, which formed the introductory phase of the project and was produced as a legacy for teachers to introduce The Holocaust into their classroom work in an innovative and creative way, using the arts as a teaching tool.

The pack is suited to Years 6 - 11 and offers a cross-curricular approach to this historical subject as well as offering a broader approach to the issues of prejudice and racism.

Due to the nature of the Hear Our Voice project, the Pack is sold at the cost price of £15 plus packing and postage to teachers and educational institutions ONLY.

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