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The Music Box Publications
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The Music Box Kangaroo

The Music Box

HMDT's programme for the under 5s is rooted in the belief that you're never too young to begin making music. The Music Box is a comprehensive programme of arts work with under 5s offering participants an opportunity to explore the foundations of music in a fun and interactive way. The Music Box spans a range of initiatives including family music making workshops, training of nursery staff and the creation of a range of resource packs. The programme uses a variety of appropriate music from many different cultural traditions and an impressive team of professional artists who introduce participants to a wide range of instruments, musical styles and repertoire. Whilst children are encouraged to explore rhythms and melodies, adults are given the skills to gain the confidence necessary to experiment in music making with their children.


The Music Box Publications

An Invite from the Queen
An Invite from the Queen NEW!
Songs to get you through the day Songs to get you through the day REDUCED!
Cherry Pie Resource Pack Cherry Pie Resource Pack REDUCED!
One, Two, Three, Sing and Move with me! One, Two, Three, Sing and Move with me! REDUCED!

A day at home or away can be much more fun when you add music to it! Now you can enjoy stories, songs and activities from The Music Box at home, in the car, or anywhere. With all our books, you don’t need to have musical experience to enjoy making music with young children. Whether listening or joining in you’re sure to have fun!
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Fruits from all over the world have been invited to a party by The Queen! Excited, they squeeze into a car and set off for the palace. Rana the Banana has put on her best dress, Monsieur Hercule le Poire is hoping his charms will impress. But Cassandra the Gooseberry has a prickly feeling that something’s not right...

An Invite from The Queen is a musical in a book. In CD format, the fantastic musical score, specially composed for the story, is brought to life by Griff Rhys Jones’s humorous narration and a band of over 40 musicians and singers. This gorgeous and light-hearted storybook filled with delicious fruity illustrations, introduces little ones to different cultures through music, while encouraging healthy eating and a first awareness of where our food comes from.

"We’ve listened every day to the funky, catchy tunes. The children love and it has kept us dancing and grooving every day." Maria (parent)

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Songs to Get You Through the Day

Songs to Get You Through the Day is HMDT’s new songbook for babies and toddlers. This beautifully designed book consists of 12 original and catchy songs, each linked to a particular routine or time of day, designed to make each activity fun and easy to handle! The topics include a range of standard activities from nappy changing, brushing teeth and having a bath to some more unusual ones such as finding ways of stopping oneself saying ‘No’ too often to how to deal with exhaustion and perhaps frustration at particular times of the day! This exceptional full colour illustrated songbook includes the printed music for voice, piano and guitar, the lyrics and a CD for you to listen to and sing along with.

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Cherry Pie

This wonderful resource pack and CD consists of a collection of songs from countries around the world suitable for teaching under 5s to sing and make music. The pack has been a favourite of many parents/carers and teachers in places as far away as Australia!

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One, Two, Three, Sing and Move With Me

A well-structured resource pack and CD created for nursery assistants and teaching staff, which includes repertoire suitable for under 5s and offers advice on delivering music sessions, exercises and games to encourage further musical development. This pack's activities will delight children, and is a great resource for nursery professionals and parents alike!

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