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HMDT Music


HMDT is a dynamic charity, which creates a variety of music projects encompassing a broad range of cultural traditions and talents, working closely with schools and many other organisations to sustain a legacy of music education for people of all ages and abilities in Hackney and beyond. HMDT is a leader in developing inspiring arts projects which support other areas of learning, and works to increase access to high quality musical experiences, raise achievement and harness creative energy.

HMDT's comprehensive approach includes commissioning new performance works, creating enduring partnerships with other arts organisations, planning music initiatives according to identified need and bringing professional artists and other music industry professionals together to work with schools and the wider community.

HMDT supports initiatives which broaden the role of music in the educational and cultural life of the community, designing long-term sustainable projects to continue ensuring a musical future!


HMDT is grateful for core support from the Learning Trust which enables its fundraising activities to be directed towards the development and sustainability of projects.



HMDT aims to:

• Secure resources (cash and in-kind) to create and support music education and training projects;

• Create and support music education projects for people of all ages, raising their aspirations and levels of achievement.

• Broaden the role of music in the educational and cultural life of communities, ensuring access to performing and enjoying music, regardless of experience and circumstance.

• Explore methods of making music an integral part of learning across academic disciplines, and demonstrate the positive impact of music and the arts on other forms of learning.

• Value the musical traditions of all communities, seeking to celebrate excellence and diversity through education and performance.

• Help individuals and organisations to plan in-school and community-based music projects according to identified need.

• Develop and sustain partnerships which bring professional musicians and other music industry professionals together to help enrich music-making in schools and communities.

• Open new opportunities for people of all ages to achieve careers in music and music-related activities.

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