“Major League Baseball is proud to support HMDT’s Shadowball programme and its aim to get children actively involved in playing baseball while educating them on the history of the sport through music. The sport of baseball has a rich history of breaking down racial barriers, and Major League Baseball believes HMDT’s creative approach in both combating racism and stimulating interest in baseball will be an effective and fun way for the community to become involved in the sport.”



The baseball engaged some of the children who had previously been reluctant to enjoy other aspects of the project.

Each residency included staff INSET training by BaseballSoftballUK coaches before weekly coaching sessions. With partners the London Mets (a neighbouring Little League in London), an after school Playball League was set alongside Family sessions. Each year culminated in a summer Shadowball Tournament of all participating schools.

In 2012, thanks to support from the American Embassy, students received additional training from US Marines who also awarded the Shadowball Trophy to the winning team!



Staff feedback:

“The baseball engaged some of the children who had previously been reluctant to enjoy other aspects of the project.”

“Some members of the year group really took to baseball and enjoyed the after school club immensely. Children who participate in the club have increased coordination and tactical awareness in a new sport.”

“Baseball is particularly good at engaging children who might not have an aptitude for or interest in sport. It’s a good leveller and a fun team game. The children at Kingsmead really took to it.”

“The Shadowball tournament epitomised what the game of baseball is about. Through inspiring leadership from their team captain, high aspirations and outstanding teamwork and determination, the most unexpected team went on to win the trophy, much to the delight and surprise of all who participated.”

Student feedback:

“It was great being the catcher and wearing all that kit!”

“Doing the slide was the best – it was cool knowing Jackie Robinson was good at them too!”

“It was fab playing on a real field at the Tournament.”