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Gospel Singing Courses

In 2008 and 2009, HMDT ran some hugely successful gospel courses in partnership with the Robinsing Music Academy, each attended by over 60 singers. Aimed at both gospel and wannabe gospel singers the courses led by Andrea Robinson and Christopher Lynch included:

Breathing techniques as a foundation for singing
• Group singing
• Basic harmonisation
• Solo singing: make a sound that is acceptable even for you!
• Mini performance at the end of the course

Led by Andrea Robinson and Christopher Lynch

The sell out concerts at the culmination of each course featured the HMDT RobinSing Workshop Choir, The Claudia Jones Singers, Rebecca Linton, Tomasz Buslawski, Annette Francis and a host of other artists!






Andrea Robinson

Founder of the RobinSing Music Academy and Gospel Choir, Andrea is an inspired musician, talented songstress and vibrant instructor and coach who has performed with and set up choirs all across the UK.

Christopher Lynch

Christopher is a lively and energetic choir and workshop gospel singing leader. He is the Assistant Director for the RobinSing Music Academy; where he has taught small and large groups of singers with enormous success.

Shean A Roberts

Founder of Tehillah Music Productions, Shean is an experienced teacher and musician specialising in drums, keyboards and piano. His work in digital recording and video production combines all these skills to create albums and videos for the gospel industry.



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