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In partnership with

Core support for One Projects is through the generosity of: The Henry Smith Charity and The Queen Anne’s Gate Foundation.



One Projects is a unique programme of arts experiences offered to young offenders and those at risk, One Spirit, and children in care, One Jam. Projects aim to promote creativity and life-long learning in communities which are disadvantaged in some way and therefore excluded from such opportunities.

Both One Spirit and One Jam projects are rehabilitative, using music technology, song writing, rapping, filming, photography in a variety of learning contexts. The projects culminate in a performance, recording or showcase designed by the young people involved. Post project, a range of development opportunities are on offer ranging from mentoring, work experience and advice & guidance.

During projects, young people are encouraged to adopt an exploratory, critical and reflexive approach to the whole spectrum of their behaviours, such as self-image, social interaction and well-being, as well as getting involved in more ‘direct’ aspects of learning such as improving existing and potential skills.

These projects benefit from a network of partners who work together to address social inclusion and who believe that there are many mutual benefits possible by supporting vulnerable young people.

Under the partnership model each partner comes on board with a mix of funding and in-kind support or match funding. Businesses can work together with e.g. youth offending teams or social services to support a local project delivered through that community.





One Spirit is a skills development and rehabilitation project for young offenders and those at risk aged 13-19 years. Through various arts activities, One Spirit, aims to equip young people with life and work related skills in order to break the cycle of offending and social exclusion.

The creative process includes using letters and poetry from prisoners on death row to explore issues and experiences relevant to the participants. Projects can last anything from 1 week to 12 weeks and include activities such as making beats and creating music, filming a documentary or video, writing lyrics and poetry and recording in a professional music studio.

One Spirit programmes have been taking place in Hackney since 2003.



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