We’d like you to Create Your Own Puppet Show! at home and involve the whole family! Here are several films made by some familiar faces: Keith, Ben and Taylor to help you along the way. Each film introduces a new step in the process of making your own show using Drama, Art and Music.

As the films show, you can use anything around your home to help you from toys to saucepan lids, so do have fun looking for things you can use (as long as a parent/carer agrees!). For your story you can make up your own or you can use any story you know, or you could tell a story from something you’ve learnt in school maybe in History like the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians or WW2, or in Science like volcanos or healthy eating. Choose something that is fun and interesting for you!

If you want to see what other people have done with the project check the performances page. Share and send your films or photos in to be included.



Alongside the films, are Information sheets you can download which give you written information or instructions of what is on the videos, in case that’s useful.

Do film your finished Show if you can and send it to school and we will also try and put it on our website.

Now go to Drama and Art to start creating your characters and story to build all the elements for your show. Don’t forget to add some Music – there are lots of ideas for you to try!


Warm up/Improvisation

Developing characters

Creating a story and making it into a piece of drama


Rehearsing: putting together all the elements of the production



Creating characters

Making a Storyboard

Making Sock Puppets

Making Puppets that Move

Making Marionettes

Creating a Backdrop and a Puppet Theatre

Creating Sound Effects

Setting the Scene

Songwriting 1: Creating lyrics

Songwriting 2: Writing Songs