Ben’s films show you how to create music to bring your show to life.

The first gives you ideas for making sound effects out of anything you have around the house from keys to sellotape. The second is about finding music to help set the scene and provide an atmosphere. The films here are about making lyrics to sing to songs you know and making your own songs to music Ben has written for you. Scroll down the page for more sounds.

Don’t be scared to try out new things – nothing is ever wrong when you’re making your own music!



MUSIC 1. Creating Sound Effects



MUSIC 2. Setting the Scene



MUSIC 3. Creating lyrics



MUSIC 4. Writing Songs


Here are some mp3 audio files for you to use depicting different themes and atmospheres: Battle, Dreams/Space, Fear/Suspense, Happy, Sad/Thoughtful and the Seaside/Circus.



Fear Suspense