3b. Fire Safety



Please familiarise yourself with your nearest exit points to the Assembly Point (Astroturf pitch), from every room in which you are teaching.


If the Fire Alarm goes off you must make your way to the playground at the back of the building to the Assembly Point (Astroturf pitch) which you will find on the map kept in your folder.


Ensure all the children leave the room immediately and do not wait to collect their belongings. Everyone should move swiftly but ensure there is NO pushing or running. All doors should be closed, not locked, on leaving each room, to prevent the spread of fire.


Bring your Registers with you.


On reaching the assembly point students will go to their colour-coded signing in group. If you are one of the designated registration tutors (below), ensure you have your sign and register for the Saturday Programme Manager, and then find a space to assemble your group.


Once all the students you are working with at the time of the Drill/Emergency are accounted for, let the HMDT Staff know: Saturday Programme Manager or Projects Assistant.


If a student is missing let an HMDT Music Staff member know IMMEDIATELY.


Once all students have been accounted for and it has been established that the building is safe, return with your students to your room. However if the timing means you are now in a different room or your students should move to a different class, ensure they know where they are going before sending them to the appropriate place.


Specific tasks:


Saturday Programme Manager – Collect Sign in Sheets. Usher parent/carers out of the Hall through to the assembly point. Help to direct other students and parents/carers to the assembly point. Hand sign in sheets and coloured signs to the designated tutors. Help to ensure that no-one leaves the premises.


Designated Registration Tutors


Red – Joana and Liz

Yellow – Richard and Stavroula

Green – Rachel H and Martyn

Blue – Peter and Kate

Jazz Blue – Alex

ICS Mini – Tertia and Stephen

ICS Junior 1 – Bless and Clara

ICS Junior 2 – Anna and Matthew

ICS Senior – Siu Hei



Projects Assistant and SP Assistants – Check the staff room (collect any registers) and then sweep the building (rooms, stairs, toilets), communicating with SLS staff when each area has been checked. Leave by the fire escape and go to check tutors have every student accounted for.