Fledglings Foundation Course


A one year Foundation Course for reception class children.


Fledglings is an introduction to music through singing and movement, leading up to performances at the end of each term.





Course structure

Working with a coaching team of Music Director and Accompanist, children are introduced to a range of vocal repertoire, encouraged to try solos and contribute ideas, and given a range of tools to develop their confidence and team-work.


Singing and Movement
Introduces students to the joy of performing and expressing their emotions through song, focusing on developing singing skills in a healthy way. They cover breathing, posture, intonation, timbre and learning to sing as part of a large group of performers.

Develops musical literacy and understanding through students’ very own musical instrument – their voice! They develop their understanding of pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tempo through interactive vocal and physical exercises as well as written and aural skills.

A chance for everyone to showcase their skills and what they have learned.




Fledglings 09.00 – 09.50am


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The timetable for the year is sorted over the Summer holidays, and you will be notified of your timetable in September before term starts. There may occasionally also be some movement of times between terms, which you will be notified of before the term starts. Please note that timings are advisory only, and are subject to change.




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After Fledglings

Upon exiting the Fledglings Foundation Course, students will progress to our I Can Sing! Mini programme.



 Photos: Clive Barda