The Music Box

The Music Box

A family learning programme for under 4s


Come and explore the foundations of music in a fun and interactive way. The Music Box enables young children to explore basic rhythms and melodies and helps parents gain the confidence to experiment and enjoy music making with their children.







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Programme Structure

Sessions feature live guest musicians from a variety of cultural traditions, including Klezmer, Cuban, Classical Brass Quintet, Chinese Dance and African Dance.


Sessions introduce families to a variety of different songs, from nursery rhymes to musicals, including some from HMDT’s own songbooks.

Dance and songs with actions play an important role, from learning simple dance steps in different rhythmic styles to animal role play.

Music Skills
Musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm and tempo are introduced through percussion instruments, focusing on developing listening skills and concentration in a group environment.

Guest Artists
Instrumental artists illustrate an eclectic range of musical styles and genres as well as introducing a wealth of sounds and visual spectacle. Past guest instruments have included: Harp, Accordion, Indian Harmonium, Santouri, Trombone, Violin, African Drums and Clarinet.

Early Years Development

Sessions also prepare children for nursery and school by introducing team work and instilling structured discipline whilst still having fun. They also help children develop their speech, vocabulary, listening and simple numeracy skills.

The Music Box prepares students for entry into the Fledglings Foundation Course, from which they will embark upon their further independent learning at the Saturday Programme.



Early: 09:30am – 10:10am
Late: 10:10am – 10:50am

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The timetable for the year is sorted over the Summer holidays, and you will be notified of your timetable in September before term starts. There may occasionally also be some movement of times between terms, which you will be notified of before the term starts. Please note that timings are advisory only, and are subject to change.



 Photos: Ben Johnson