Music Treehouse

A new method of integrating music therapy into regular activity for Students with SEN/D needs


Music Treehouse started in October 2015 and is a much needed SEN/D extension of our Saturday Programme, offering children with a wide range of mild to severe, profound and complex needs the opportunity to participate in the programme. This enables us to broaden our inclusion to students who are often isolated and overlooked outside of the school environment.

Music Treehouse is about interaction and basing the learning around the students, rather than the students learning a set curriculum. Music’s multi-dimensional tools are proven to be hugely motivational enabling SEN/D students to develop skills faster than any other activity by engaging several modes of learning including multi-sensory, tactile, visual, auditory and kinesthetic.

The Saturday programme is hugely sociable for both parents and students, and we aim to provide a sense of community for everyone that attends. Working together to create music is integral to the Saturday Programme, and we are thrilled to welcome Music Treehouse students to our community.



Parent of Music Treehouse Participant

“My daughter has been coming for 6 years and just loves coming here, she loves the structure of the sessions, the performances, and enjoys that it is sociable”




Please read the eligibility, fees and the application process page here >


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THE GROUPS:             THE MUSIC BOX SEN/D           SAPLINGS                BEECH and CEDAR      

                                                for ages 2 – 5                 for ages 5 – 11               for ages 11 – 21


The Music Box SEN/D:

Our Music Box programme has been specifically tailored for students aged 2-5 years with SEN/D, focusing on sensory play and song.



Our primary stream of Music Treehouse focuses on storytelling, sensory play and song, using music as a tool in order to develop creative expressive and key life-skills. Tim Yealland and Tom Highnam lead these session with additional support from Imogen Morrall.


Within our secondary stream of Music Treehouse are two groups; Beech and Cedar. Cedar allows those with more profound needs, or those who are new to Music Treehouse, to develop skills in a smaller group setting. Both sessions allow our young musicians to explore instrumental improvisation and composition, with many of our young musicians progressing from playing percussion to violin, guitar, clarinet, flute and keyboard as well as writing and performing their own songs. Paul Griffiths leads these sessions with support from a team of musicians including Imogen Morrall (flute), Bridget Carey (violin), Thomas Kleyn (clarinet).


Music Therapy:

Working alongside both the primary and secondary streams is Sylvia Saunders, a HCPC registered Music Therapist from the Music Therapy Tree, one of our core partners. Sylvia offers 1:1 support or small group Music Therapy sessions for those who are unable to access group sessions or for those who require tailored support.




Music Treehouse has definitely developed my daughter’s love of playing and she can now play a tune! She wants a real flute for her next birthday.



I had fun and I enjoyed Music Treehouse because I did very well.



My son is always excited about coming to play an instrument and really enjoys the tutors. At Music Treehouse his anxieties simply melt away.




The Music Box SEN/D – 11:00 – 11:30

Saplings A – 11:35 – 12:15

Saplings B – 12:20 – 13:00

Beech – 13:00 – 14:30

Cedar – 15:00 – 15:45

Music Therapy sessions take place between 12.00 – 16.00.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your session begins.



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Music Treehouse Online


Introduction to Music Treehouse


Here is our Ash group in action 

Password: MT2017


For a little more insight into how the project runs, we interviewed some of the workshop leaders and musicians:




Please read the eligibility, fees and the application process page here >



We are very grateful to the following funders for their support of Music Treehouse:




The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust