I Can Sing!

I Can Sing!

Music Theatre School for students aged 5 – 16


ICS! offers students the opportunity to experience the excitement of musical theatre training and performance. During ICS!, students train in a variety of stage disciplines with leading professional artists, gaining new skills, confidence and firm friendships.





Uniquely, due to the fact I Can Sing! is part of a larger Saturday Music Programme, students can also opt to take additional instrumental or singing lessons (subject to availability).

There is no audition process as we welcome students of all abilities – instead, we focus on reinforcing the ensemble performing tradition, drawing on repertoire that includes classic Broadway numbers alongside our own original commissions.

School Years 1-2
School Years 3-6+
School Years 7+

Minis (School Years 1 and 2) have two classes – a singing and drama/movement class building performance skills and an instrumental class to develop all-round musicianship skills. Students will take part in dynamic and engaging music theatre and movement, learn instrumental skills, benefit from increased confidence, and participate in exciting performances and develop strong team building skills.

Year 1 – Students in year 1 will take a combined General Musicianship and Recorder class, alongside the I Can Sing! Mini group session.

Year 2 – Students going into school year 2 will take part in the Autumn term instrumental tasters, alongside the I Can Sing! Mini group session. At the end of the Autumn term, students will then select which instrument they wish to learn for the Spring and Summer terms. Instrumental tasters and subsequent lessons will be 40 minute group lessons. At the end of the academic year, having tried both options, they will then make the choice to join I Can Sing! or the CYMH Instrumental School as their main programme. If they join I Can Sing!, instrumental lessons are still available as additional one-to-one lessons.


From Juniors (School Years 3 – 7+) upwards, each group takes part in a series of classes:

Singing introduces students to the joy of performing and expressing their emotions through song, focusing on developing singing skills in a healthy way. Students work with a variety of musical genres with a focus on musical theatre and dramatic singing, with plenty of scope for solo work.

Dance Training teaches students dance steps and routines that draws on the dance styles that make up theatre dance performance, whilst encouraging them to be active and healthy. They also learn how movement can be used to express emotion and action as part of musical performance.

Drama enables students to learn a variety of dramatic techniques, including improvisation, characterisation, storytelling, speech and theatrical stunts. They also explore group and individual talents to help them build confidence and develop their communication skills.

Performances give everyone the opportunity to showcase musical theatre repertoire, take to the stage in HMDT Music commissions, or work with writers and composers to create new work.

Full Stagecraft sessions, which are unique to ICS, help to build students’ awareness of the methods of putting together the different elements of music theatre together in a rehearsal situation. Here they work with the whole team of Music Director, Choreographer and Stage Director to put together all the elements they have learnt for performances building skills such as team work, patience, stamina and performance whilst at the same time having a huge amount of fun!

Please note: These programme groupings may vary.



ICS! Minis: 09:00 – 10:50

ICS! Junior 1: 10:00 – 12:45

ICS! Junior 2: 10:00 – 13:45

ICS! Seniors: 09:00 – 12:45

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The timetable for the year is sorted over the Summer holidays, and you will be notified of your timetable in September before term starts. There may occasionally also be some movement of times between terms, which you will be notified of before the term starts. Please note that timings are advisory only, and are subject to change.




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 Photos: Clive Barda. Body Snatchers Photo: Ken Howard