I Can Sing!

I Can Sing!

I CAN SING! (ICS!) is HMDT’s Music Theatre School, which offers students aged 5 – 16 an opportunity to experience the excitement of musical theatre training and performance. During ICS!, students train in a variety of stage disciplines. They meet new friends and, together with leading professional artists, gain the skills and confidence necessary to perform to a high level.

I CAN SING! runs weekly throughout the academic year, welcoming students of all abilities. There is no audition process, and, unlike similar schemes, ICS! reinforces the ensemble performing tradition and focuses upon repertoire ranging from classic Broadway to original HMDT Music commissions, emphasising an appreciation of the rich music theatre tradition.

ICS! parent

A huge thank you for such a wonderful show yesterday. It was an ambitious project and I think the work that you encouraged the children to produce was a fantastic achievement. Apart from the wonderful singing and performing on show yesterday, I think the whole experience has been really positive for the children, bringing out lots of good teamwork, support and encouragement of each other. It’s been a great thing to be part of.


School Years 1-2
School Years 3-6
School Years 7+

PLEASE NOTE: These programme groupings may vary.

Vocal Training introduces students to the joy of performing and expressing their emotions through song, focusing on developing singing skills in a healthy way, breathing, posture, intonation, timbre and learning to sing as part of a large group of performers. Students work with a variety of musical genres with a focus on musical theatre and dramatic singing and are given plenty of scope for solo work.

Musicianship develops musical literacy and understanding through students’ very own musical instrument – their voice. They develop their understanding of pitch, rhythm, dynamics and tempo though interactive vocal and physical exercises as well as written and aural skills. Students are given a contextual introduction to repertoire they are learning to broaden their understanding of the musical genres in which they are working.

Dance Training teaches students dance steps and routines based on a fusion of the dance styles that make up theatre dance performance, whilst encouraging them to be active and healthy. They also learn how to use movement to express emotion and action as part of musical performance. Dance technique sessions offer a chance to consolidate steps and styles out of the context of a routine.

Stagecraft helps to build skills in music theatre so as to convey the emotional power of music and movement on stage. Students will learn a variety of dramatic techniques, including improvisation, characterisation, storytelling and theatrical stunts, and explore group and individual talents to help them build confidence and develop their communication skills.

Performances give everyone the opportunity to showcase musical theatre repertoire, take to the stage in HMDT Music commissions, or work with writers and composers to create new work.


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