Saturday Early Years Music Classes: The Music Box

Looking for a Saturday Toddler Music Class? Do you live in Hackney, Islington, Tower Hamlets or East London? Look no further! Come and join us at The Music Box, the programme that is more than just a baby or toddler music class. In this Early Years Music Class all music is performed live (no recorded music allowed!) with regular guest artists to introduce the whole family to different genres, cultures and traditions. One week you could find yourself immersed in the world of Klezmer, another you could be discovering the music & instruments that form a Classical Brass Quintet. You could be learning how to dance like a traditional Chinese Dancer or how to play and make a digeridoo!


We have two classes aimed at different age brackets each led by a different wonderful leader in order to ensure progression. In each session families will do a number of activities that help introduce and develop the fundamentals of music. As well as being introduced to our Guest Artists each week Singing, Movement and Music Skills are integrated into the classes. You can expect yourself to be singing a selection of songs from the favourite nursery rhymes (these are always requested in the ‘childrens choice’ section), to musicals and even songs from our very own early years song books (available to purchase at the Saturday Programme). Early Musical Skills are introduced from around 12 months as concepts such as pitch, rhythm and tempo are introduced through percussion instruments, focusing on developing listening skills and concentration in a group environment. All these skills also help prepare children for nursery and school by introducing concepts such as team work, sharing and instilling structured learning whilst having a huge amount of fun! Music is also fantastic at developing speech, vocabulary, and general communication.


Sounds like fun? Classes happen at Bridge Academy on Laburnum Street –  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION


HMDT Music is committed to ensuring that music is for all – we also have a specialist SEND Music Box programme for the over 2s. You don’t need to have a specific diagnosis at the time of applying as many children don’t receive these until later. The class operates very slightly differently to what is described above – for more information please do email