Costumed Interpreter Session

Students meet a uniformed Sepoy from the 59th Scinde Rifles, an Indian Army unit comprised of Pathans, Sikhs, Dogras and Punjabi Muslims, which served with distinction on the Western Front at the beginning of the war. Learning about his life and experiences, his interaction with his fellow men through being the literate soldier who helps them write a letter home, gives students an insight into the reality of life as a soldier from the fears, hardships, terrible conditions and difficulties of missing home and being in a strange country to the camaraderie of friendships and the solidarity of fighting for a cause you believe in and doing one’s duty for King and Country. The hour long interactive session for each class is delivered by the National Army Museum.

“The costumed interpreter session improved their empathy and sense of time. It helped them when writing about life in the Trenches.” 

Teacher, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School