WW1 Trench Brothers Workshops

Trench Brothers brings the First World War to life for students through the experiences and personal stories of Indian Army, British West Indies Regiment and black British Soldiers. Our interactive workshops are designed to support your curriculum from commemorating Remembrance Day (KS1/2) to exploring Forgotten Soldiers (KS3).


Artefacts Handling

In this workshop, children will explore a range of artefacts to practice their investigative skills. They will have a chance to handle soldier’s equipment, uniforms and weapons and examine memorabilia such as literature, letters, newspaper cuttings and propaganda to find out what we can learn from artefacts. Using the stories of soldiers from the Indian Army and British West Indies Regiment, they gain an insight and understanding of what their experiences were really.

Costumed Interpreter

Meet a uniformed Sepoy soldier and learn about his life, experiences and interaction with his fellow men to gain an insight into the reality of life as a soldier on the Western Front. Through his stories and the letters of his comrades, experience the fears, hardships, terrible conditions, homesickness and difficulties of fighting in a strange country. Share his daily routine by learning some Army Drill.

Both these sessions can also be adapted for Key Stage 1 to focus on storytelling and investigation.

National Commemoration Days

Whole School project to commemorate Remembrance Day with a series of activities and guest visits. Tailored to your school, the Day or series of days can include artefacts handling and costumed interpreter sessions (as above), workshops to create a visual and creative response to the First or Second World War and singing and/or composition sessions to compose your own songs or learn existing ones. As well as online toolkits to research specific soldiers, the project culminates in a Commemoration Event bringing together all the elements explored.



To support Year 9 history modules exploring the forgotten soldiers of the First World War.

Artefacts Handling

This session will investigate equipment, weapons, uniforms and memorabilia to explore what life was like for soldiers, particularly those in the Indian Army and British West Indies Regiments. It will reference the desertion of Herbert Morris and the experience for Norman Manley of being a black man fighting with the British Army. Through artefact handling, discussion and PowerPoint presentation, it will explore the far-reaching effects of the war in Europe, at home and across the world.

Costumed Interpreter

Interaction with a uniformed Sepoy will explore specific stories of Manta Singh, Kulpir Thapa and Ganga Singh to gain an in-depth insight into the experiences of being an Indian Soldier on the Western Front. The session will reference contemporary letters to engage students in discussion about the impact of the war, particularly for those fighting so far away from home.

These workshops are designed to be offered together to give an in-depth insight and overview. However, they can be booked individually in which case the Artefacts Handling will also include more detailed reference to specific soldiers from the Indian Army.


£400 for either the artefacts handling OR costumed interpreter workshop

£800 for both sessions

Please note a travel supplement might need to be applied.

For National Commemoration Day costs, please contact us to discuss.


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Jesse Gray Primary, Nottingham

/ Colvestone Primary

Thank you so so much for today’s session. Kathy was fabulous and really captivated the children!

Hillborough Junior School, Luton

/ New Rush Hall School

The Trench Brothers workshops proved to be a fantastic success … inspired and engaged pupils in their learning through several forms of creative media. It not only opened the eyes of the pupils but also educated the staff in the plights of many untold stories of war. Several months on, the whole school is still buzzing from the experience.

Berger Primary, Hackney

I overhead a child say that it was their best day so far in Year 5! Another child said they had been looking forward to it all week but it was even better than they thought it would be. For me, as always I was thoughtful and meaningful and gave us all a lot to think about.

If you are interested in finding out more about Trench Brothers, please feel free to explore this section of the website, along with the Legacy site. You can also send us an email info@hmdt.org.uk or call 020 8882 8825