2014-18 Trench Brothers Project

Trench Brothers commemorated the achievements and contributions made by ethnic minority soldiers during the First World War with an education programme for primary schools, and a new music theatre work by composers Julian Joseph and Richard Taylor and librettist Tertia Sefton-Green which drew on the historical, cultural and musical influences of soldiers from the Indian Army, British West Indies Regiment and black British Soldiers.

Between 2014-18 the project offered over 50 schools in London, Lancashire, Staffordshire and Brighton and the South East an extensive range of activities, workshops, resources and performance opportunities enabling students to develop a creative, artistic response to the stories and immortalise the deeds of these forgotten soldiers for their fellow students and wider audiences.



You can find out more below on the artefacts handling, costumed interpreter, puppet making and composition workshops each school received as well as their in-school performances and a final large-scale commemoration performance at Brighton Dome. The project included a touring Exhibition, Community activities and an extensive Education Zone offering 90 lesson plans and activities. Much of the schools work and in-school performances can be viewed on our Legacy site.

In response to demand from schools, we continue to offer a programme of workshops extended to Key Stages 1-3.



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