Music and Literacy Project at Abbeyfield School with Shlomo

Over the past term HMDT Music has been working with Abbeyfield School in Northampton on a Music and Literacy project. This project saw three groups of year 7s working with the world renowned beat-boxer Shlomo to create their own pieces of work ready for performance at the end of their 5 day project. The project started off with an introductory session where the three groups came together for a fantastically exciting and explosive beat-boxing introduction by Shlomo. The excitement was palpable in the room, and looks of disbelief at what a voice could do! (Not only from the students either!). Students then had two lyric writing sessions, and two composition sessions before the final rehearsals. The project concluded with a fantastic performance in front of their families and friends where they showcased their new beat-boxing skills and their compositions. The audience was already overwhelmed by the whole experience, when Shlomo gave an impromptu performance at the end as well!


Photos: Hannah Hall
600px Abbeyfield Students Beat-box600px Schlomo works with Abbeyfield School