CYMH: Instrumental School

Looking for instrumental lessons for your child? Live in Hackney, Islington, Tower Hamlets but not sure where to start or what instrument? Why not give us a call? The HMDT Music Saturday Programme has something for everyone and is the ideal place for your child to start learning an instrument. Our music lessons for children aged 5 plus take place within an extensive curriculum including group and individual instrumental tuition, singing, musicianship and ensembles, as well as the Orchestra and Choirs!


So what can we expect from CYMH Instrumental School?


For students in school years 1 and 2, we offer the Minis programme. Minis have two classes – a singing and drama/movement class building performance skills and a Recorder and General Musicianship class to develop all-round musicianship skills. Students will take part in dynamic and engaging music theatre and movement, learn instrumental skills, benefit from increased confidence, and participate in exciting performances and develop strong team building skills. Students going into school year 2 will take part in the Autumn term instrumental tasters, alongside the group session. At the end of the Autumn term, students will then select which instrument they wish to learn for the Spring and Summer terms.


Students then progress up a programme ladder as they increase in confidence and ability with more exciting opportunities including ensembles, bands & choirs. Those students interested in taking exams are able to do so at our centre, we also have aural preparation sessions, and extra Grade 5 theory classes to support those at that stage in their learning.


This sounds amazing – but, my child is older than school year 1. Is there an opportunity to get them involved? Of course! We can offer individual lessons through our Music Lessons for you Scheme, and once they are playing at a similar level, they can either choose to join as an ensemble student and continue with their private lessons, or join in with an appropriate level group.


My child is playing at a Grade 4 level or above – is there anything for them? Absolutely! We have two programmes – The Blue Programme or Jazz Blues programme. These are by audition only and like all the programmes are tailored to that specific experience level. Also – NEW this year is the rooftop Academy for students in year 9+ who are grade 4 and above. Interested? Please drop Sabina a line on 020 8882 8825 or