The Platinum Treasure Hunt

To celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee we created a show for our I Can Sing! music theatre programme reflecting important events that have helped define our history each decade since 1952. Our journey included winning the World Cup in 1966 and celebrating the 2012 Olympics. On the way we entered the realm of protest with the 1970 Women’s Equal Pay Act and the 1980s Miners Strikes and explored the realisation of climate change in the 2000s and the importance of the NHS, with their 50th anniversary in 1998. The Finale Hope, was a new commission composed by Saturday Programme coach Vahan Salorian, which offered all the ICS! students who contributed to the lyrics and music, an opportunity for reflection on the past decade.


Bringing back alumni ICS! students in our Saturday Programme’s new Rooftop Academy allowed us to both have a band for the first time and enjoy a ‘royal’ joke with their repertoire of Queen. We wanted too, to pay tribute to our parents and created a Parents’ Choir with a section of the new song written just for them.


We are grateful to the Arts Council for a Jubilee grant which has enabled us to celebrate in style.




I wanted to say again my congratulations for an absolutely fantastic and very poignant show, … I just loved it. Parent

It was an amazing show, we really enjoyed it. Thank you all for your hard work! Parent


I also highly enjoyed singing that beautiful song with the parents’ choir. Parent