Saturday Programme

HMDT Music’s Gavin Stewart completes his PhD

Gavin Stewart playing the flute


We’re extremely proud to announce that our Senior Manager, Gavin Stewart, has completed his PhD, and is now officially Dr. Gavin Stewart! Here’s what he has to say on his research:


“I’ve always enjoyed pushing myself to explore what my instrument and I can do, and this research was a natural convergence point of my practice and academic interests. This project allowed me to work with an incredible team of collaborators creating a new body of repertoire for the amazing Kingma System flute whilst developing a visual model of collaboration between performer and composer that draws together two approaches already well-explored in literature and practice. I’m really excited to start bringing these pieces to life in my performances – should you fancy a listen you can explore them here!”


Congratulations Dr. Stewart; all your hard work has paid off!

The Big Give 2024 Update!

The Big Give has officially ENDED! We are blown away by your support and would like to express our gratitude for your generous donations which have enabled us to over-reach our target and raise £10,459 for Music Treehouse which will help us ensure that we can sustain this transformative programme for children and young people with SEN/D.


We would like to share a clip from our older Music Treehouse participants’ performance from Saturday, where they were able to perform the music that they’ve been working on throughout the Spring Term for family and friends.


JJJA Students Accepted to Prestigious Purcell Music School

This academic year, Otto Jacovides & Jacob Deegan began studying at the Purcell School of Music, one of the country’s finest musical education institutions which boasts alumni such as Jacob Collier and Yiruma. Both students are long-term members of the Saturday Programme, starting their journeys in CYMH classes – Otto in Green and Jacob in Jazz Blues -before advancing through to the Julian Joseph Jazz Academy.


Both students are incredibly talented instrumentalists; Otto excels in saxophone and clarinet; and Jacob is a self-taught drummer who reached grade 8 in only two years, alongside playing trumpet and piano. Jacob and Otto both highlight the importance of attending JJJA on their success, with Jacob stating that “JJJA has shown me the career that I want; the faculty have not only pushed and inspired me but supported and taught me to recognise the downside of being a musician, where it is not always an upward trajectory”. Otto also expressed that JJJA is his ‘musical family” and stated, “the teachers at JJJA are amazingly supportive and helped to develop my confidence by teaching me to play in different groups, as well as encouraging me to play in front of people when I didn’t want to, which I now don’t have a problem with!”.


JJJA tutor, Alex Thomas-French, who has supported both Otto and Jacob throughout their jazz journey, stated:

“At JJJA we work hard to cultivate an inclusive community of jazz-minded people where students of all ages and abilities collaborate and grow together. Here, students get to know and play alongside many other highly talented and inspiring young musicians, and it continues to humble us to see that bright young people like Jacob and Otto reach greater heights because of this environment. We are immensely proud of both of them for all their various achievements and the challenges they have both had to overcome to get to this point. We also applaud the hard work we know their parents have put into supporting Jacob and Otto’s musical passions. Well done all!”


All of us here at HMDT Music and JJJA wish Otto and Jacob the best in their new venture and we look forward to watching them flourish as musicians in the coming years!

Celebrating the NHS


On its 75th Anniversary, we’re proud to share our tribute to the NHS, which formed part of our I Can Sing! music theatre programme’s show The Platinum Treasure Hunt celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee last year.


Clink here to watch the performance!



Congratulations to former student Jas Kayser, winner of the 2021 Jazz FM Breakthrough Act Award!

HMDT Music and the Julian Joseph Jazz Academy would like to extend huge congratulations to the recently crowned the Jazz FM Breakthrough Act for 2021, drummer Jas Kayser!

Jas is a Julian Joseph Jazz Academy Alumni, who went on to study at Berklee. Here she is playing at our 20th anniversary concert at Wigmore Hall back in 2015. Congratulations again, we’re so proud of how far you’ve come!

Thank you to the Masonic Charitable Fund for supporting Music Treehouse

In World Autism Awareness Week, we are delighted to announce funding from the Masonic Charitable Fund to support Music Treehouse: which enables SEN/D children to unlock and share communication, creative expression and joy through music-making.


Creative Director Tertia Sefton-Green says “We are incredibly grateful to the Masonic Charitable Fund for enabling us to continue and develop Music Treehouse. It has already had a huge impact on the many young people it supports and seeing the joy on a child’s face and the pride they feel when they have the ability to make music cannot be underestimated. We look forward to sharing the impact of their support with MCF and in the words of one of our parents; to watch the growth of a child “who is usually an observer engage, make friends and have a voice”.


For more information about our Music Treehouse programme, please click HERE.


We’re Open! Autumn 2020 Term

Dear Parents and Guardians,


We hope you’re well and had a good summer. We are pleased to announce that we will be opening in person from Saturday 26 September, and look forward to seeing you all back at Haggerston School! The Julian Joseph Jazz Academy will continue at Bridge Academy.


Term dates for the 2020-21 academic year can be found HERE.


We have spent the past few weeks putting in place several measures to ensure our return is as safe and enjoyable as possible. We will be sending out more information about our Covid-19 Guidance and Protective Measures in due course.


You will receive your new schedule by no later than Friday 11 September.


We look forward to welcoming you all back!


Best wishes


The HMDT Music Team

Summer 2020 Holiday Courses

We are delighted to offer the following two online courses over the Summer 2020 break!

Lockdown Cannot Stop Us – Holiday Course
27-30 July 10:00 – 1:00pm
School Years 5 – 10
Cost £100.00

Come and join HMDT Music’s online Summer Course!

Together we will create our own multi-media piece. Just because we’re not in the same room, doesn’t mean we can’t create exciting work!

Working with a range of artists, the devisary course will include:

  • song-writing
  • creating dialogue
  • film-making

Bring your imagination, your voice, any instruments you play and any technical skills you already possess and might want to develop!

The course will use your individual interests and ideas as well as provide a chance to socialise online and have fun creating something together. Be prepared to carry out some afternoon tasks such as learning/recording songs, creating some designs, trying some animation, practising an instrumental accompaniment leading to an end of course Showing.

Please note: we are aware everyone enjoys different elements and has different strengths. If you like some but not all of the areas being covered, do still sign up!

Don’t miss out, click here to sign up by Saturday 18 July!


Music Lessons for you! – Instrumental Lessons

Want to develop musically over the Summer 2020 break? Do you have an instrument gathering dust in a corner you would like to learn? We can get you started online!

Beginner students

We can offer the following instruments to students who have NO experience, but DO have access to an instrument:

*Piano *Guitar *Violin *Cello *Aural/Theory

Already learning?

We can offer lessons to students with experience on, and access to, the following instruments:

*Piano *Flute *Clarinet *Bassoon *Violin *Cello *Trumpet *Trombone *Tenor Horn *Percussion *Guitar *Aural/Theory


Lessons are available in blocks of 5 or 10, at the following rates:

£225.00 for a block of 10x 30 minute lessons

£132.00 for a block of 5x 30 minute lessons

Lessons are available in blocks of 5 or 10, at the following rates:

£285.00 for a block of 10x 30 minute lessons

£162.00 for a block of 5x 30 minute lessons

Sign up now by clicking here!

Support Music Treehouse

Please help support our Music Treehouse project for SEN/D children!



Aviva’s Community Fund has given us the opportunity to fundraise to help ensure this vital life-line of creative music making can continue to help alleviate isolation and offer much needed support to children with a wide spectrum of needs through lockdown, across the summer and beyond.


Any help you can offer is much appreciated.


Commemorating VE Day

To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, our I Can Sing! students have been rehearsing We’ll Meet Again, a show of music from several of our commissions commemorating different aspects of the Second World War.

Here is the Finale – a fantastic medley of war songs arranged by Matthew King, which students have contributed to from lockdown, as part of our new online programme. Although we haven’t yet been able to complete the project in the way we planned, a film version of the whole performance will be available soon.