Handbook 10: Admissions to the Saturday Programme

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The following age groupings provide a general guideline, although the individual circumstances of each student (school year, prior musical knowledge, etc.) have an impact upon their eligibility for a particular programme:


6 months – 4 years
The Music Box

Fledglings Foundation Course

 School Years 1–2
I Can Sing! Minis

School Years 3–5
I Can Sing! Juniors, CYMH Yellow

School Years 6–10
I Can Sing! Seniors, CYMH Green, CYMH Blue, JJJA

School Years 11+

All students from the age of 6 months are eligible to join HMDT Music’s Saturday Programme. The Saturday Programme welcomes students of varying ability regardless of where they live or attend school. Financial Aid is available for students who are in need of additional financial support in order to attend.


You can apply to the Saturday Programme at any point. You must submit a completed online application form (which you can access through the ‘apply now’ button below).


For some programmes, students will need to audition – currently these are The Julian Joseph Jazz Academy and the CYMH Blue Programme. Once you have made your application, we will be in touch to arrange this.

Students will be required to complete an Acceptance Form and pay their fee before their place on the programme is confirmed.



The Saturday Programme takes place on Saturdays during our term time. Students must be available to attend at any time during the Saturday Programme day (between 9.00am and 2.00pm for CYMH and ICS! or between 12.00pm and 5.00pm for JJJA), however, most students do not attend for the whole day. A typical programme ranges from 1 – 2 hours for a new student to as much as 4+ hours for more advanced students. The timetable is a complex one and individual requests for specific times unfortunately cannot be taken into account. Students’ timetables may vary significantly from year to year, and may change slightly from term to term.


The Saturday Programme is much more than just a weekly music lesson, we also operate a Tuck Shop, termly Bake Sales and Lunchtime Concerts for which we need parent volunteers.


For a comprehensive outline of the Saturday Programme, including details of available Financial Aid, Instrumental Loans, the Coaching Staff, the Code of Conduct, Terms and Conditions and all other policies related to being a part of the Saturday Programme, please see our online HANDBOOK HERE.



Following the Fledglings Foundation Course, students are asked to choose which programme they wish to follow – ICS! or CYMH. We encourage students and parents to consider CAREFULLY before making a choice.


For those few students who, in the course of their studies, wis tho transfer to a different program, please be advised that place in both ICS! and CYMH are in high demand, and therefore it may not be possible to grant your request. Please contact HMDT Music to discuss your request in detail, and we will put you on the transfer waiting list.


In the event that a place becomes available, you will be charged a £25.00 Transfer Fee.


PLEASE NOTE: Should a student who has transferred from one programme to another decide to TRANSFER BACK or TO another programme, there will be an additional Transfer Fee of £100.00.





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