Handbook 13: Instrument Policy

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In the first term of Mini 2 your child will attend taster sessions. This is to give the students an

idea of what instrument they would like to choose. When it comes to choosing, students and

parents must be aware that due to limited resources and capacity, not all students will receive

their first choices. Students will therefore be asked to make at least 3 choices. You will not be

permitted to choose an instrument you already learn elsewhere.



Instrumental lessons can happen in groups of up to six (6) students. As students progress

through the stages, they start to have lessons in smaller groups (dependent upon the makeup

of the total student population).



Additional vocal or instrumental lessons are sometimes available and offered to students who

are part of the Saturday programme. These lessons are subject to availability.

If you have an additional lesson the following additional fees shall be payable:

£147.00 per term for an individual lesson (20 minutes)


Please Note: The length of the lessons may vary based upon the needs and requirements of

the timetable.



All students must be aware that timetables can alter from term to term and that their lessons

might coincide with ensemble sessions. Where possible, timetables will be changed so that no

student will miss more than one term of a given ensemble. Please note that all timetable

arrangements are subject to combining the timetables of ALL students as best as possible, and

that we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

HMDT Music understands that the biggest barrier to instrumental music making is the high

cost of instruments. For this reason the Saturday Programme offers all students an


prevented from particpating in music making:




You may decide for many reasons to purchase an instrument for your child. Should you prefer

to spread your payments over time, you may take advantage of our Instrument Purchase Programme.

HMDT Music will help you to select the right instrument for your child providing advice on

size and quality, and we will arrange for the purchase of the instrument and deliver it to you at

the Saturday Programme.


Cost: IPP allows you to make manageable monthly payments toward ownership of your

child’s instrument. Payment options are flexible for your financial situation; you can choose

between 5 or 10 easy payments. You may also purchase your instrument outright.


Repair Plan: As part of your purchase, you may choose to join the Instrument Loan

Programme’s cover for wear and tear at the same rate as other students.


Expert Service: For busy parents who don’t have time to go to the music store, the IPP

is a convenient solution. HMDT Music will find you an appropriate instrument, set up a

payment plan, and make delivery arrangements.


Flexible Scale: You may choose from:

First Tier – Purchase your instrument outright

Second Tier – Purchase with 5 equal monthly payments

Third Tier – Purchase with 10 equal monthly payments

A typical example for a Ч size violin with case purchase:

First Tier Second Tier (5 months) Third Tier (10 months)

£190.00 £43.00 per month £24.00 per month

The Instrument Purchase Programme makes it easy for you to give your child a musical instrument

that he or she will love to play without having to wait. Joining the Instrument Loan Programme’s

maintenance plan also covers you for normal wear and tear during the life of the instrument.


PLEASE NOTE: Charges for the IPP include the costs of postage and administrative charges. This includes instrument selection, placing the order, receiving and inspection of the instrument(s), disposal of packing materials, hand delivery to you at the Saturday Programme, and arranging for returns and replacement in the event of any damage to the instrument(s) in transit. WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU!

Payment Plans will also incur additional flat rate interest of £25.00 over 5 months or £50.00 over 10 months.

Please remember that we are a charity and must recover the costs of operating the Instrument Purchase Programme. All charges go straight back into running the Saturday Programme.



Students receiving tuition at the Saturday Programme are offered the opportunity to

participate in the Instrument Loan Programme. These instruments have a potentially long lifespan,

provided that they are properly cared for. All musical instruments are fragile and require

great care, both when being handled, and when not in use. They should always be treated with

respect, and please remember they are expensive. You may find the following points useful in

order to optimise the potential benefits of this facility offered by the Saturday Programme.



1 You will be responsible for the safe-keeping of the instrument, and will be required to sign

an “Instrumental Loan Form”, provided by HMDT Music, and pay a loan fee.

  • Always ensure that the instrument is packed away in its case when not in use.
  • Do NOT allow anyone else (brothers, sisters, etc.) to play with the instrument.
  • Do NOT expose the instrument to any extremes of temperature (e.g. storing it near to a
  • radiator etc.).
  • If anything appears to be wrong with the instrument, do NOT attempt to repair it – bring
  • it back to the Instrumental Coach concerned.
  • Parents/Carers will be asked to pay for any necessary repairs caused by mistreatment or
  • lack of care of instruments.
  • Insurance – given the high cost of musical instruments, you must ensure that the instrument on loan to you is adequately covered by insurance. It is possible that a standard home insurance policy may give you cover (although, depending on the detail of your policy, this may not give cover outside your home) in particular not in the car if left there.There are several companies that specialise in insurance for musical instruments (e.g. Allianz Cornhill Musical Insurance – formerly British Reserve Insurance), from whom comprehensive cover can be obtained at a very reasonable cost. If you require advice about insurance, please contact the Senior Manager.



If you are borrowing an instrument from the Saturday Programme, you will be asked to sign an

Instrument Loan Agreement. This is an important agreement between you and HMDT Music

outlining your responsibilities while you are using one of our instruments. It is important to

remember that if you damage or destroy an instrument, you may be denying use of the

instrument to a future student. Please take this responsibility seriously and explain it to the

student so they understand the importance of taking care of the instrument properly.


The terms of the agreement are as follows:

1. Parents/carers whose children are loaned instruments will be liable for any damages to the

instrument. This does not include routine maintenance.

Please be aware that this instrument is valuable. Therefore, we must ask you to look after

the instrument and store it in a dry place away from extreme temperatures, such as next

to a radiator or cold draughts. We would also strongly recommend that you make sure the

instrument is covered by your household insurance policy.

2. Repairs will be charged at professional rates by one of our approved repair vendors.

3. It is at the discretion of HMDT Music as to whether an instrument is deemed damaged or

in need of maintenance. Our assessments will always be honest and fair.

4. It is understood and agreed that the instrument herein described is the sole property of

HMDT Music, and must be returned if so requested.


The Terms and Conditions you will be asked to sign up to are:

  • Report all instances of loss, damage or maintenance required to HMDT Music immediately,before any action is taken to repair the instrument;
  • Pay for damage caused by carelessness, accident or neglect;
  • Reimburse HMDT Music the full cost of replacement of the instrument should it be lost or stolen;
  • Return the instrument if instructed to do so, before the end of term;
  • Return the instrument on the last day of term if not returning the following term. If you fail to return the instrument as requested, you agree to be liable to pay a charge of £20 per week for EACH instrument overdue;
  • Ensure the instrument is correctly cleaned, cared for and stored;
  • Pay the non-refundable instrument loan fee each year, for the use of the instrument and to cover general maintenance costs;
  • Take the instrument for regular service. PLEASE NOTE: HMDT Music will ONLY cover the costs of normal maintenance NOT REPAIRS. Any repairs required during the process of normal maintenance will remain your responsibility.
  • DO NOT repair an instrument without the pre-approval of HMDT Music. If you fail to notify HMDT Music of repairs and/or do not gain pre-approval for repairs, such repairs will be at your own expense.
  • The condition of the instrument will be reassessed EACH academic year for the duration of the loan.



What do I do if my child’s instrument is broken?

  • The instrument must first be seen by the student’s Instrumental Coach, or, if during the holidays, please phone the HMDT office.
  • They will decide WHAT the damage to the instrument is. (i.e. cause of the damage.)
  • They will either fix the instrument, or tell you to take it to a repair shop (see attached sheet).


What do I do if HMDT instructs me to take the instrument to a repair shop?

BEFORE any work is carried out on the instrument we need to know the cost of the

repairs. Please phone HMDT Music as soon as possible, with the quotation for repairs, at which time

you will be informed how to proceed.

Examples of ‘wear and tear’ are; sticky pads, new strings, sticky valves.

Examples of damage are; broken strings, bridges, bent keys.


If the instrument is not working due to everyday use am I liable to pay for


No. HMDT Music accepts responsibility for the upkeep of instruments damaged by everyday wear

and tear.


If the instrument has been dropped or damaged in error by my child am I liable

to pay for repairs?

Yes. If the instrument is damaged due to lack of care, accident or neglect you are responsible

for the repair costs.


How do I know where to take the instrument to be fixed?

Please turn over this sheet where there is a list of instrument repair shops which should be

used for instruments.


What do I do after the instrument has been repaired?

Please bring the instrument back to be checked by the Instrumental Coach.


What do I do with the instrument if my child no longer wishes to attend CYMH?

The instrument MUST be returned by hand and the Returning Instrument Loan Form signed.

During the term, the instrument must be checked by the Instrumental Tutor and returned to

the Saturday Programme OR to the HMDT Music office during the school holidays. Failure to do so

means you are responsible for depriving a place to another child on the waiting list and the

cost of the replacement of the instrument.


What if my child’s instrument is lost or stolen?

You will be responsible for reimbursing HMDT Music the full cost of replacing the instrument and/or





JustFlutes – flute

46 South End




020 8662 8400


Howarth – flute, clarinet and bassoon

31-35 Chiltern Street



020 7935 2407



Gale Lawson

48 Gallants Farm Road

East Barnet



020 8368 4296



Bridgewood and Neizert

146 Stoke Newington Church Street


N16 0JU

020 7249 9398



DJM Music

Unit 2, Archers Park

Branbridges Road

East Peckham


TN12 5HP

0845 458 4582




10 Golden Square



020 74437 1811


Heritage Music

The Old Chapel

Banbury Road


NN13 6BA

01280 707140


Please note: The approved list of

vendors is subject to change. Please

check with HMDT Music before taking

your instrument for repairs!


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