Fees and Payment

 Termly Fees 2021/22

The Music Box £93.00
Fledglings Foundation Programme £153.00
I Can Sing! Mini 1s £213.00
I Can Sing! Mini 2s, Juniors and Seniors £225.00
CYMH Yellow Instrumental (group lesson) £225.00
CYMH Yellow Ensemble £93.00
CYMH Green Instrumental (20min lesson) £240.00
CYMH Green Ensemble £111.00
CYMH Blue Instrumental (30min lesson) £324.00
CYMH Blue Ensemble £216.00
CYMH Instrumental Loan Fee £48.00
CYMH Orchestra ONLY £93.00
CYMH Orchestra (add on) £54.00
Additional one-to-one Instrumental/Vocal/Theory lessons (20min) £132.00
Additional two-to-one Instrumental/Vocal/Theory lessons (30min) £99.00
Additional group Instrumental/Vocal/Theory lessons (30min) £69.00
Additional group Instrumental/Vocal/Theory lessons (40min) £87.00
Jazz Blues (30min lesson) £333.00
Jazz Blues Ensemble £225.00
Jazz Orchestra ONLY £93.00
Jazz Orchestra (add on) £54.00
Jazz Blues (30min lesson) plus JJJA Essentials £384.00
Jazz Blues Ensemble plus JJJA Essentials £276.00
Rooftop Academy £225.00
JJJA Essentials £216.00
JJJA Essentials/Seniors £282.00
JJJA Seniors £255.00
JJJA Essentials – Membership Rate (attending up to 4 sessions per term) £93.00
JJJA Essentials/Seniors – Membership Rate (attending up to 4 sessions per term) £120.00
JJJA Seniors – Membership Rate (attending up to 4 sessions per term) £111.00

PLEASE NOTE: Students receiving one-to-one (or two-to-one) lessons as part of Mini 2s or CYMH Yellow Programmes, may be required to pay fees at the Green rate (for 20mins) or the Blue rate (for 30mins).

As part of the I Can Sing! Programme we often put on a big show in the Summer Term. You may be asked to contribute to the cost of props, costumes and the costs of keeping the school open and paying staff for longer hours. The amount varies, but will usually be between £10-60. In addition, the show is usually ticketed. You will be given adequate notice.

The Music Box £84.00
Fledglings Foundation Programme £133.00
I Can Sing! Mini 1s £189.00
I Can Sing! Mini 2s, Juniors and Seniors £195.00
CYMH Yellow (group lesson) £195.00
CYMH Green Instrumental (20min lesson) £210.00
CYMH Green Ensemble £81.00
CYMH Blue Instrumental (30min lesson) £294.00
CYMH Blue Ensemble £186.00
Jazz Blues (30min lesson) £303.00
Jazz Blues Ensemble £195.00

Please note that if the programme is not listed here, it does not have a sibling discount. This includes the Orchestra, Jazz Orchestra, CYMH Academy, Lessons and the JJJA. There is no sibling discount available for loan fees or additional lessons.

Bursaries are available for students with low income. Please contact the office for more details.

Please note that all new students also pay a one-time £18 membership fee. This covers administrative costs associated with the programme, as well as providing benefits such as ABRSM exam entry and support, access to our instrumental purchase programme, and free registration in our Music Lessons For You programme, where you can access individual instrument/vocal lessons and other one to one tuition.

Please Note: CYMH Students receiving one-to-one lessons as part of Red or Yellow, may be required to pay fees at the Green rate (for 20mins) or the Blue rate (for 30mins).



  1. Pay by Credit/Debit Card

You may pay using PayPal (PayPal account or credit card), or by credit/debit card (using Square). You may use these payment methods to pay directly from your invoice which will be enabled to take your payment.

  1. Pay by Bank Transfer

Name of Account: HMDT Music

Account Number:  00005992

Sort Code:  40-52-40

Please make the payment reference your invoice number. It is ESSENTIAL you do this, as we have no other way of identifying payments made this way.


  1. Pay by Direct Debit HMDT Music offers two ways to pay your Saturday Programme fees by Direct Debit. You can either:a) pay your fees once per termat the end of the term for the following term – this is a similar pattern to paying your fees any other way, but means that you don’t have to remember to do it at the end of each term because they will be taken from your bank account automaticallyORb) pay your fees in three monthly instalments per term, starting at the end of the previous term –  For example, to pay a full ICS! Minis 1 fee (£207.00) for the Summer Term in this way, would mean that you paid in the following instalments:


March    £69.00 (end of Spring Term)

April       £69.00

May        £69.00


Payments are usually taken on the first working day on or after the 16th of each month, and you will receive a letter detailing your collection schedule each term.

  • If you would like to set up a Direct Debit, please contact the office on 020 8882 8825 or saturday.programme@hmdtmusic.org.uk
  • Please be aware that Direct Debits need to be set up well in advance of the payment deadline, and a whole term in advance if you want to pay in three instalments, so if you need to pay your fees for the following term soon, please use an alternative payment method to make the payment.


  1. Pay by Cash

You can pay by cash at our desk at the Saturday Programme.


We cannot take childcare vouchers as payment, and please do not make payment through a personal Paypal Account unless you go through the Payment form above first.



Fees must be paid by the indicated due dates.

The deadlines for the current academic year are:


  • Deadline for Autumn Term 2021

26 June 2021 (term starts 25 September)


  • Deadline for Spring Term 2022

27 November 2021 (term starts 8 January)


  • Deadline for Summer Term 2022

12 March 2022 (term starts 23 April)



  • You MUST either pay your fees or request and fill in an online Leaving Form by the withdrawal deadline, and your fees due must be RECEIVED by us by this deadline. You may receive an invoice for your fees as a courtesy, but please note that you must pay your fees by the deadline whether or not you have received an invoice.
  • If you miss this deadline, you will be liable for either a late fee if your child is continuing at the Saturday Programme, or a percentage of the fees (determined by when you make the payment) if your child is not continuing at the Saturday Programme. Full details of our payment policies can be found in our online HANDBOOK HERE.
  • If you know that you are going to have difficulty paying, please contact us IN ADVANCE rather than leaving it until you have missed the deadline. Financial Aid is available to help those in need of assistance with the fees.