Health & Safety Policy and Procedures

VERSION: March 2020



  • Policy
  • Health and Safety Arrangements
  • Introduction
  • First Aid
  • Fire Precautions
  • Safety Inspections
  • Electrical Appliances
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Health and Safety Communication
  • Accident/Incident Reporting
  • HMDT Contact Information


Health and Safety Policy

HMDT Music recognises its responsibilities to provide a safe and healthy workplace and learning environment in order to safeguard the employees, artists, learners and any other persons who may be affected by its activities.  HMDT Music will therefore, take all appropriate steps to meet these responsibility, paying, so far as is reasonably practicable, particular attention to the following:


  • the provision of equipment and systems of work that are safe and without risks to health;
  • arrangements for the safe handling, storage and transport of articles and substances for use at work and at participating venues;
  • the provision of sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision of instruments and equipment for use at work;
  • ensuring safe access and egress for all persons involved in our activities;
  • the provision of a safe and healthy working and learning environment, and adequate welfare facilities (when required);
  • the provision of policies and guidance to employees and contractors that prevent ill health and actively promote health at work and during learning.


Partner organisations, on behalf of HMDT Music, will manage the health and safety within their venues, and be responsible for matters that are within their control. In consultation, where necessary, with HMDT, partners will take reasonable steps to ensure that:


  • appropriate financial resources will be allocated to meet health and safety standards so that the organisation may comply with its overall statutory responsibilities;
  • their Managers/Supervisors understand and accept their responsibilities for health and safety and, on behalf of HMDT Music, administer, supervise and implement as is appropriate safe working/learning arrangements, practices and policies, etc. throughout the areas they manage including monitoring budgets for Health and Safety activities;
  • all necessary risk assessments, as prescribed by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, are carried out and that the significant findings of the same are recorded;
  • any necessary written policies and arrangement/instructions etc are produced, and as necessary issued to staff and learners that they manage/supervise;
  • the staff/artists/learners that they work with receive the appropriate health and safety training/induction to enable them to carry out their responsibilities without, so far as is reasonably practicable, risks to themselves or other persons who may be affected by their actions.


Health and Safety Arrangements


This policy outlines the specific arrangements for the health and safety for all staff and contracted artists and partners working with learners and other users benefiting from HMDT Music’s programmes and is issued to all staff with a summary for learners and service users accordingly.


HMDT Music commits to work with partners and venues to ensure that risks to health are reduced to the lowest possible level and that a suitable and safe place for work and learning is provided.


·      Individual Responsibility


Management: all employees and partners will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that they are responsible for and aware of the systems of work and procedures, etc. that they should follow in order to ensure their safety while at work.


Partners and venues will make arrangements, where necessary, in consultation with the Directors and Agents of HMDT Music, for the preparation of any formal written risk assessments that may be necessary.


Partners and venues will also be responsible for ensuring that new and temporary staff and learners are acquainted with the health and safety provisions and emergency procedures at the start of their employment through proper induction.


All employees, artists and partners must familiarise themselves with the content of this document and any other relevant procedures and codes of practice provided by the programme.


Employees, artists and learners must also co-operate with the programme, in so far as this is necessary, in order for the programme’s services and courses to comply with its responsibilities under health and safety at work legislation.


First Aid

HMDT Music will take all reasonable steps to ensure that sufficient employees/artists are trained as qualified First Aiders and are provide, when necessary, with adequate First Aid equipment and facilities.


Partners/venues should ensure an up-to-date list is kept of First Aiders and First Aid equipment in their premises and ensure that the First Aid information is adequately displayed within their main building and other centres.


Fire Precautions

Partners and venues will implement the essential arrangements and criteria for fire preventions and means of escape as specified by the London Fire and Civil Defence Authority and, where necessary, will obtain a fire certificate for their main premises as proof of adherence to these arrangements.


Partners and venues are required to take all reasonable steps to maintain the provisions of the Fire Certificate.


All partners and venues will ensure that they have adequately trained Health and Safety and/or Fire Officers within their premises.


All partners and venues will ensure that all fire systems and appliances within their building and associate buildings are maintained in accordance with the relevant standards.


Safety Inspections

All partners and venues are expected to advise their supervisors/managers or their nominated Health and Safety Officer of any defects to fabric/arrangements within their premises and associate buildings that could constitute a hazard.


·      Portable electrical appliances


HMDT Music will ensure that any electrical appliances onto a partner’s premises or venue and used by learners and other users are PAT tested and fully compliable.



Partners and venues will ensure that electrical appliances used and maintained on their premises are PAT tested and fully compliable.


·      Control of substances hazardous to health


Should it be necessary for any employee/artist to use substances that will be subject to the COSHH Regulations, HMDT Music will ensure that a formal COSHH assessment is carried out.


It is the responsibility of the partners/venues to ensure that all cleaning materials, used in their premises are properly assessed.


·      Display screen equipment


HMDT Music will ensure that individual assessments are carried out for all work stations to ensure that all aspects of the DSE Regulations are complied with, in so far as they relate to employees, artists, learners and users that they supervise.


Partners and venues must ensure that individual assessments and DSE compliance is maintained on all display screen equipment used by employees, artists, learners and other users they themselves own.


Accident/incident reporting


Official documents for reporting/recording accidents/incidents should be kept within the premises of all partners and venues.  The following document applies:


  • Electronic accident book: a simple record of all injuries to employees, learners/users, visitors requiring first aid or other attention should be made using this book.


In an incident following an employee’s absence the person’s Manager/ Tutor or supervisor will ensure that the necessary reporting/recording is carried out.  Should an incident involve a learner/user or visitor, the member of staff responsible for the learner/user or receiving the visitor will ensure that the correct procedure is followed.


All physical assaults and incidents of verbal/racial abuse (to employees/artists/learners) must be reported to the Directors or Agents of HMDT Music immediately.


In the event that staff need to contact HMDT Music:

Adam Eisenberg

General Director, HMDT
Sabina Noble

Saturday Programme Manager, HMDT


020 8882 8825